Thanks to Michelle Mills, who pointed us towards When Evil Calls – “the world’s first made for mobile horror series”, apparently. And it features the one and only Chris Barrie, in what looks like quite a substantial part. Ha ha, substantial part. Like a big willy!

The (nice-looking, but bloody awfully-designed) website is pretty extensive, so I’ll let you investigate it for yourselves. Basically, it involves: a school, schoolgirls, and wishes that go wrong. Which is the excuse for a load of gore and nudity. There appears to be a recurring motif of girls kissing in it, so it should definitely be worth watching definitely I like girls kissing ooooh lesbians. The series is 20 x 2 mins, with no word yet as to when the series will go online, or how much it will cost – but there is a trailer, which I’m sure I can get at least one wank from. Because there’s girls kissing in it. Oooh, lesbians.

It doesn’t look like it’s particuarly original, but it does look like a lot of fun, and Chris is very amusing in the last bit of the trailer. And did I mention the lesbianism?

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  • Recognised as a minority,
    Funded by the local authority,
    Some drink coffee, some drink tea,
    A handy metaphor for sexuality.

  • …Because there’s Chris Barrie in it. Oooh, Chris.

    And did I mention Chris Barrie?

    Fixed that for you.

  • Hey, I made sure you got the picture. My reward was to bang on about lesbians.


  • >Hey, I made sure you got the picture. My reward was to bang on about lesbians.

    Yeah, and my reward* for reading you bang on about lesbians is Chris Barrie, dammit.

    *were I to actually get this, which I’m pretty sure I couldn’t, for a few reasons.
    (1) no money. I have no cash to spend towards such a venture–or rather, all my cash is in cash, which we all know doesn’t email well.
    (jozxyqk)The family cell has no interweb access. My mother originally picked out the phone plan with my grandparents in mind, and that’s one feature she didn’t need them worrying about. They’ve trouble enough remembering that they only need to open the phone to answer it…
    (b)No cell phone of my own. And if this involves a shirtless Chris Barrie, ain’t no way nohow I’m using my mother’s phone to view this. That’s just…wrong.

  • What! scantilly clad nubile young ladies in the throes of love cuddling, and you didn’t bother to warn us…

  • I saw the site yesterday. Confusing. I couldn’t find a release date ANYWHERE. Thank god for They’ve given the release date so at least I can watch and see if it’s any good.

  • Yes, I couldn’t find a release date on their site either. Which is odd, seeing as they gave one to TOS.

  • Looks awesome, just seen the trailer!

    Although, I wonder how much the mobile phone companies will be bloody charging for this, ?2 per two-minute chunk? Probably.

  • >Is it just me, or is Chris’ severed limb acting spot on?

    You expected anything less ^^ ?

  • i worked on this, iv got the episodes, bout 50 per per episode, is gonna be quality, takes a few episodes to warm up but worth it, check it out, the site is still under some tweeking, the making of is on zone horror this week, dont have the dates handy but i think its around 7 daily, check it out

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