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Following Eureka Video‘s release of Massive Engines, comes the predictable form of Massive Machines – provisonally due for release on the 22nd January 2007, although blah blah dates might change blah blah blah online shops are shit blah blah blah.

With Eureka releasing so much stuff related to Red Dwarf, I wonder if they could be persuaded to do a release of Spitting Image. But more on that next week…

Speaking of DVDs, Series IV has been released in France. I’d do my own racist jokes, but I’ve learnt my lesson. Interestingly, from the list of extras, it seems they’re not including the raw model footage despite IV obviously not being Re-mastered, which is odd. Ditto for the cast commentary. The trailers, photo gallery and booklet are missing too, which is a shame. Those frogs des…oh, fuck.

And finally, the Region 4 release of Beat The Geek has now been confirmed as December 7th. And if you buy from a certain JB Hi-Fi, you get – Holly badges! I want one. I hope you PRICK YOURSELF AND DIE. I’m still crossing my fingers for you Region 1 folks, I really am…

There should be some vague updates this weekend after our recent lull – starting off with a contribution from our very own Arlene. So sit back, relax, and keep clicking that refresh button. On the hour, every hour.

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  • >I?m still crossing my fingers for you Region 1 folks, I really am?

    Don’t lie to us, you’re gloatin’ it up with the rest of those gloaty Region 2 gloat-heads. Yer gloating gloaters, you. You get BtG, you get Brittas…why do you get all the good stuff? Why? **snifflesob**

  • Yeah but you guys got the Full Monty Python Megaset, (14-discs of randomness and hilarity) and we havent’ got that, seeing as though Monty Python was a BRITISH show, you guys got the whole lot on DVD whereas we got “The Best Of Monty Python” 1 frigging DVD of some of the best sketches and a couple of other ones….


  • Ditto that man! Monty Python is amazing and I shall never, ever, ever buy that stupid ‘best of ‘ crappy bloody boxset! I’ve got the films, but where’s the bloody complete series?

    I need to lie down now…

  • Ah, but the R1 Python set is rubbish – there’s shitloads cut from it. Admittedly even then it’s better than the shitty best-ofs R2 has got.

    R2 should be getting a *really* good full-series Python boxset next year – I hope it makes it to R1 as well…

  • Yeah, our box set has had loads hacked out of it–it’s “golf, strangling animals” and what, Graham? You’d think they’d of put the word “masturbation” back in for today’s releases at the very least…**sigh**

  • >there?s shitloads cut from it.

    Is it shitloads? I think it’s just a line here and there that was cut for A&E Broadcast, which they didn’t bother to reinstate for the release.

    I’m not saying edits are good, but I am saying if you add up all the missing lines I’m sure it ends up being something like two or three minutes over the entire course of four series. Which isn’t quite shitload territory…

    Anyone is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just going by what I’ve noticed.

  • Shitloads is perhaps an exaggeration. But there *are* cuts, and significant ones – mainly due to the complex broadcast history it’s had. And I get very sensitive to cuts to Python.

    What’s *really* needed is for the series to have a full restoration – and I understand that this is exactly what’s due to happen next year.

  • > What?s *really* needed is for the series to have a full restoration – and I understand that this is exactly what?s due to happen next year.

    Ooh – I hadn’t heard this!

  • Paul Vanezis (one of the guys involved in the classic Doctor Who releases) on the Restoration Team forum:

    I don’t think those that want a release of the complete series will have to wait too long, but it won’t be a 2Entertain release.

    By coincidence, I have been looking at Python tapes recently, but I can’t say what for. That said, I don’t think R2 Python fans will be disappointed with the eventual release.

    Now, considering how wonderful the classic Who releases are in terms of restoration and extras, if *he* doesn’t think we’ll be disappointed, I think we could be in for a treat…

  • Interesting indeed and about time…Personally, with the advent of DVD, I would have considered Python to be the most important comedy project of all.
    Not The Nine O’clock News is something I would love as complete, I guess it wont happen though…

  • A proper Python release is way overdue, I agree. And the Best Ofs just feel like an insult. Still, if it’s finally going to happen, I’m happy.

    Agreed about NTNON too – but yeah, I can’t see it happening. Apparently John Lloyd thinks that the Best Ofs are more appropriate, which is wrong for a rather large amount of reasons.

  • >Shitloads is perhaps an exaggeration. But there *are* cuts, and significant ones

    Ahh, just checking. Because most of my old Python memories have been usurped by the complete video set I bought a few years ago, so it’s hard to actually remember what’s missing if it isn’t a glaring cut (the “masturbation” cut Arlene mentioned is particularly ragged).

    There is also a missing Gumby interlude (SOMEWHERE, but I can’t remember where…) and the trailer for “Dad’s Pooves” is gone. But that about does it for what I remember personally.

    The fact that there are edits…that bothers me. But it really only amounts to a few minutes over the entire run of Flying Circus…so it’s hard to complain…especially as we’re lucky enough to at least have the episodes, whereas you guys for whatever reason have been barren.

  • The lack of a complete R2 Python release was at first infuriating… but has increasingly seemed completely bizarre. When so many obscure series are released in full on DVD, it seems strange that one of the most loved comedy shows of all time hasn’t had a proper release.

    By the sounds of it though, we could be in with a reward for our long wait…

  • Hmm, I can honestly say I have never bought a ‘best of’ and dont intend to……
    No doubt there’s some means of deciding what’s ‘best’, but there’s always the chance what I consider ‘best’ isn’t the same.
    I suspect I look at it the wrong way sometimes, but it smacks of double standards to me a tad.
    When the John Lloyds of the World released a series several years ago, they didn’t say we apologise for this episode as it contains a sketch or two that arn’t up to scratch, no, we sat and watched it throughout warts and all.
    We all know some of Python wasn’t as good as others, the same goes for NTNON and Red Dwarf even, but the fact remains, we dont all always agree on the best bits.
    To me, if the writers, cast, producers or whoever deemed it good enough to go at the time, they should have the courage to release it all.
    Yes, I know I’ve missed the point and it’s probably to do with costs over sales etc etc, but it wrangles me a bit.
    Maybe it’s because I can remember the debates over a pint or even at school of what
    were the best bits and never seeming to arrive at a clear conclussion.
    The ‘Fast Show’ is a very good example of this in more recent times and I could just imagine the outcry if whole chunks of ‘Little Britain’ were cut out, despite much of it being crap in my view….

  • Best Ofs were perhaps more understandable in the early days of VHS, where the market just didn’t exist like it did today – and also where duplication costs were far higher.

    Today, the only viable reason I can see for Best Ofs is where there are just *too* many episodes to release properly, and the market is perhaps not there. There are nearly 150 episodes of Spitting Image – now, is there a market for all 21 series to be released? Probably not. OTOH, I think there *is* a market for the first few series to be released (partly because they’re historically important, and partly because – once you get past the first few episodes – they are the best, as the show undoubtedly went downhill) – with perhaps Best Ofs of the later series.

    With something like The Goodies, the line becomes more blurred. I would *love* to see all nine series released. OTOH, I can’t really complain too much with the two Best Ofs that have been released – because they weren’t just episodes that have been randomly slapped onto DVD. They’ve been lovingly restored (with some *major* work put into them), and had loads of great extras included. It’s difficult to complain about releases like that, even though I want to see *all* the episodes.

    This could all perhaps change with downloads. Distribution costs are lower, and with people willing to pay a premium for some shows, there’s reasonable profit to me made there.

  • FWIW everyone, our BTG review would be up by now… but in a freak mishap*, the whole thing got deleted yesterday.


    I’m currently waiting to see if I can get access to a database backup of an earlier version, or whether I’ll have to do it all from scratch again…

    And I think I can run a web design company. Sigh.

    * Me being a fucking stupid cunt.

  • I?m currently waiting to see if I can get access to a database backup of an earlier version

    …just got a copy now. Hooray!

    Still loads to fucking rewrite though. Bollocks.

  • BTG review really should be up later today, folks. Sorry it’s so late.

    Also: I’m trying to figure out whether I like the ellipse being red on the French DVD covers. I honestly can’t decide whether it makes the covers look striking or just a bit of a mess. I’m leaning towards the former, but I can see why an all-silver look was gone for with the UK releases – it does look classier, somehow.

  • Ooh. When/if you do get it, don’t forget to mention whether they’re “as broadcast” (or near as possible) or they’ve got all those cuts in like the 16-Ton Megaset I have.

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