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Better late and hastily edited than never…

DwarfCast 3 – Beat The Geek Review (5.9MB)

Try to ignore the clunking edits and poor sound quality and instead enjoy the varied, colourful and often arrogant opinions of Ian Symes, Seb Patrick, special guest DwarfCaster Rachel George and me on the subject of GNP’s most recent DVD release, Beat The Geek.

I know I said this last time, but the next Cast will almost certainly be the first of our episode commentaries, featuring Seb Patrick and myself commenting on the episode Thanks For the Memory, so try to contain your lustful feelings, ladies, as our voices are very sexy indeed. Oh yes.

30 comments on “DwarfCast 3 – Beat The Geek Review

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  • Aside from the abrupt edits, that was very entertaining :o)
    Particularly Seb being a girl and Cappsy cheating :oO shocking!
    I’ve not had chance to play my copy yet as it’s at my Mum’s house – But I really want to see it and have a go since I heard you all playing.
    Not so sure it’ll be as fun while I’m here by myself though!


    Language Ian! :oP

    Oh and Seb you could be right… “You can’t expect too much from the gay mechanics”

  • Yeah, apologies to anyone who’s left a little confused by the edits… The problem was that we had to edit together two different recording sessions (one of us playing the game and another talking about it afterwards) and it’s not always obvious when we edit between the two. We tried to put in some fades to help with this, but they don’t seem to help much…

  • Cappsy, i’m thoroughly disappointed with your self control there ;P Edits are the only thing i have issues with but otherwise all good.

  • Okay. Fess ‘up. Everytime I type some construct criticism it refuses to let me post. Yet when I’m jabbering on like a loon it let me. Gah!

  • Was it giving an error message, Karl? If so, what was it?

    I was hoping the problems posting were fixed with the move to the new server…

  • Cappsy, We need stuff by the edn of November to be able to get the magazine out sooner. If you can get stuff across to us, the sooner the better. Thanks

  • Yes, using the address as named on the flyer – the address that, until today, was only available if you pruchased the DVD :o) – would be the best way to get to the site.

    Which is to say – it’s working fine for us…

  • I don’t think he’s talking about it from a legal point of view – you’re right, you don’t have to buy it to enter. I just think he’s pointing out that anyone who mentions specific details in public is shooting themselves (and everyone else who bought the DVD) in the foot from a chance-of-winning-the-prize point of view.

    The more clues that are given out publically, the more people will enter and/or finish…

  • To be honest I’m just enjoying the reaction!

    It’s not something that can really be ‘reviewed’ until after the closing date, but I love how hard people are finding it to NOT talk about. It suggests we’ve done something right.

    This stuff, plus checking on the number of incoming emails, is the only way I can know how it’s gone down – which, when it’s sheer size and detail meant it took a lot of evenings and weekends to complete, is something at least.

  • Now, I **know** the thing says all error messages are deliberate, but is the crap site in question REALLY meant to have the RedDwarf.co.uk frameset around it and links to a certain real-life web developer?

  • I’ve not even *begun* Geek Chase yet. I’ve been so busy with various other things.

    I think that deserves a: :-(

  • I dont mind admitting, it was beginning to do my head in after a few hours, so I’ve walked away for a few days with the intention of going back afresh..

  • > Now, I **know** the thing says all error messages are deliberate, but is the crap site in question REALLY meant to have the RedDwarf.co.uk frameset around it and links to a certain real-life web developer?

    But that’s not the Diva site – if you get that it’s because you’ve missed the ‘www.’ from the beginning. So no, that’s not a site covered by the rules, because it’s blatently not part of Geek Chase!

  • Incidentally, the level of detail that’s gone into GC so far is quite staggeringly brilliant. And that’s coming from someone who’s only just got onto the second site. A hearty round of applause, and then some, is well due.

  • Judging by some of the comments I’ve read, there are several people who have gone straight into ‘Chase The Geek’ and not tried the BTG DVD as yet.
    Perhaps it’s the lure of a possible ?5,000, but it really seems to have hooked a lot of people.
    I’ve not had much experience of these on-line trails using ‘bogus’ specially created websites apart from maybe Dr Who’s ‘Bad Wolf’ and the ‘Lost’ experience, but I’ve already found this to be as well constructed if not better and it’s certainly more satisfying when you locate something than the others..
    I just wish I was a bit better at it all…

  • I’m only listening to this for the first time, as I didn’t want it to influence my review. Seems we picked up on a lot of the same things…

    Ian’s mentioning of the “Just the facts” page in the booklet as “The Andrew Ellard joke page” has just made me do a big LOL.

  • > ?The Andrew Ellard joke page?

    Could been worse. coulda been “The Shit Jokes That Mean Andrew Ellard Should Never Work Again” page…

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