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DwarfCast 4 and the first of our episode commentaries.

And, it’s Series 2, Episode 3, Thanks for the Memory, ably commented on by Seb Patrick and myself.

DwarfCast 4 – Thanks for the Memory Commentary (6.7MB)

Hope you like it, as the commentaries are likely to make up the bulk of the DwarfCast output for the foreseeable future. We’ve got tonnes of the buggers ready recorded, after all!

11 comments on “DwarfCast 4 – Thanks for the Memory Commentary

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  • Not too sure if i was the first person to listen to that… But that was very interesting… Made a few very good points, and also made me spot things I never noticed before ie. “the message written on the back of the Blue Midget” grrr, I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t see that..

    On the whole, very good indeed.

    Keep it up…

    Also i’m looking forward to having a whole collection of these, but i worked out that if you keep this rate up at one dwarfcast every other week. It’ll take 2 whole years for us to get them all; and that also being that not every Dwarfcast will be a commentary one. You’ve opened up a whole can of worms. It’s also worth pointing out that if you are truly boned up on this project you also have to comment on series 7 and 8 too, which will be fun to hear…

  • There’s one Series VIII one already recorded. With me trying desperately to defend it, as I recall…

    I don’t think we’ve managed to face a VII one yet. Although I’d *love* to do Tikka, as I think some of that is really rather good.

    I think if we published commentary Dwarfcasts more often than we’re planning, then people will just get *completely* sick of our smug twattishness…

  • Hm. I may have to press my pile-of-shit ‘puter into downloading this; “Thanks for the Memory” is one of my favorite episodes. A tour de force for Chris Barrie; it was while watching this episode that I first realized I really, really liked him. (Then I watched “Terrorform” and figured out why :p .)

  • I’ll probably start saving these to my computer and listen whenever i need a laugh…

    This was a good’n.

  • A series VII commentary? I can’t think of anything worse, to be honest. Even the cast commentaries grate on me, probably because the cast like defending the series – well wouldn’t you defend something you were in? However, I’ve often found myself defending episodes of Red Dwarf I don’t like just because it’s Red Dwarf, one of my friends saying ‘this is rubbish’ and I’m like ‘no, you’ve got to give it a chance’ when I’m thinking I totally agree with you.

  • Sadly, we do intend to do *every* episode at some point. Whether listeners will get through to the end of the two and a half years it’ll take to do it without their brains leaking out their ears is another matter, though.

    We were going to do all the episodes in order, but we thought 16 episodes of us whinging in a row would not be pleasant.

  • Well that was interesting. Never looked at the show so deeply in terms
    of character arc before.

    As for those TV monitors in the hologram suite, back during the period when
    series one wasnt ever repeated or released on video I used to pause my tv
    recordings of thanks for the memory and try and work out and remember
    which shows from series 1 I had seen based on the clips shown. Me2 being
    the obvious visible one at the time.

    Never considered before the question of wether Rimmer had ever been to earth
    (I guess before Timeslides, unless you count backwards as the same planet)

    The appendix thing, Yeah sure the books make a gag of it, but with so much
    changing around continuity wise between some series and time travle paradoxes
    involved in some plots changing things how can anyone say continuity is wrong
    when it’s non linear or all sort of wibbly.

    I hate sci fi with bad continuity……….



  • With all due respect Sycorax, I’m not sure what you’re getting at.
    Well obviously, the cast commentaries are hardly going to run down any episode in great detail, you dont bite the hand that feeds you, do you!
    You still get the odd remark about certain scenes though.
    With G&T’s Dwarf Casts, I dont think you’ll get a lot of defending of some episodes, and much as I disagree with a lot of their disaproval, I suspect they will be honest in their opinions.
    With that in hand, I cant see any difference to a ‘fan’ commentary for series VII to any other series.
    If you mean, you don’t like commentaries, full stop, fair enough.

  • To be perfectly honest, I really don’t get why some people would dislike this episode. Chris Barrie is fantastic, and it’s very nicely downbeat. Cleverly written, with some killer gags and brilliant character work. I’d go as far to say it’s one of the best examples of character development in the entire series.

  • We’ve decided to move away from the recording order for these, so the next Cast will the commentary of Krytie TV with Ian, Tanya, John and myself and we should be putting that up this weekend.

    You’re in for a ‘treat’.

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