Geek Terrorism

Virgin Megastore, Piccadilly Circus
6:22pm :

Andrew Ellard would, we’d like to think, be proud.

I’d like to tell you we stuck around to see what effect it had, but we scarpered shortly afterwards, innit.


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  1. Cool, Joe Pasquale’s Price Is Right.

  2. So what’s the rallying cry here? “Low Sales Figures to the Fascist Oppressors”?

  3. Brilliant!

  4. I do that in Game sometimes. Put New Super Mario Bros. at number one and hide all the Over The Hedges and Bratz: Rock Angelzs.

    I’m a Nintendo DS fan. Does it show?

  5. The thing is, you’ve probably gone too far there, the staff will probably (probably) notice that and move them, but if you just moved three or four to the front no-one would care.

  6. Yeah, but when you’ve started doing something like that, you kind of have to follow it through to the bitter end…

  7. Perhaps the sad thing about this is that Virgin dont stock BTG and Seb purchased these copies from to enable the stunt…perhaps!

  8. Couldn’t you arrange them in some nice picket fence stacking? That splap dash arrangement, just won’t do…

  9. Nah, see, it’s angry, rebellious, in-your-face geekery! It’s not pretty–it’s just the way things are when you run with the real geeks, Gramps. =P

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