A new show coming to CBBC early next year, starring Danny John-Jules as Lenny Bicknall – an MI9 agent in charge of a bunch of, erm, Spy Kids.

A few bullet-pointed observations, then, as I can’t be arsed to write anything coherent:

  • This was actually mentioned by Danny at DJ. I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you this, apart from proving that we hadn’t forgotten. And trying to establish any journalistic credibility for this site at this late stage is a bit pointless.
  • Kudos Film and Television = Spooks + Hustle + Life On Mars = pedigree.
  • Robert Llewellyn makes a guest appearance! Excellent.
  • 10 x 30mins? High-def? Clearly they’re expecting this to be big – and clearly quite a bit of money has gone into it.
  • “Created by Keith Brumpton”. This Keith Brumpton, presumably. I’ve not seen any of the stuff he’s written, apart from Naked Video
  • The series does sound slightly cliched: “But with the pressures of such a responsible job and the danger of discovery at school, will the spy team be able to protect Britain and hand their homework in on time?” But that’s nothing to worry about; just imagine the description of Maid Marian. “It’s Robin Hood, right – but THE WOMAN’S IN CHARGE!!!!!!”

We’d be extremely lucky if this is the next Maid Marian, of course – but I’m keeping my fingers quietly crossed that this should be well worth watching, at least…

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  • All I have to say is this:

    I have a good idea of what they’re going for with the title, it being British and all, but on my side of the Pond, a name like “M.I. High” would be considered to promise some kind of drug-related humor.

  • In other cast news, Robert Llewellyn did the voiceover for The Cult of… Adam Adamant last night on BBC FOUR. If you missed it, it’s repeated on Thursday at 10pm.

    No idea if he’s doing the other five shows in the series – Part 2, on Doomwatch, is on next Wednesday.

    Pity they’re not doing Red Dwarf in this series, really – I’d like to see a BBC FOUR take on the show!

  • on my side of the Pond, a name like ?M.I. High? would be considered to promise some kind of drug-related humor.

    What, like Sky High? Or Galaxy High? Or USA High? ;-)

    If anything, that title’s quite Americanised as it is – we don’t usually use the simple “High” suffix (we prefer to actually, you know, add “School” to it) when referring to schools. Unless I’m just hideously out of touch with the Yoof Of Today, that is.

  • Yes, I know.

    But then, M.I.High doesn’t sound particularly like MI5, either. Nor, come to that, MI9.

  • Isn’t MI9 escape and evasion, e.g. for helping pilots downed behind enemy lines or prisoners of war? Does this mean the series will get shot down after the pilot [episode]?

  • All the MIx and MIxx branches except MI5 & MI6 are defunct and have been for yoinks. This’ll be a fictional version that they just stuck a random number on so that they don’t get complaints from Five or Six.

  • If you want to get technical, then MI6 isn’t really MI6, it’s SIS. But never mind, I was only really setting up a weak joke.

  • I like how a CBBC show is going high-def before Doctor Who. Notice one of the characters is called Rose.

  • I’m not surprised Who didn’t go widescreen for Series 3, to be honest. It’s the most effects-heavy show the BBC do – it makes sense for Torchwood to do it first so they can figure out all the problems.

  • Just browsing the Government’s websites on an entirely unrelated issue and came accross the following factoid:

    “…MI9 was also responsible for the provision of false documentation.”

    Now, that was during the world wars and apparently these things change a lot, but information about a series eluding to an organisation who deal in false documents? There’s a joke in there somewhere.

  • this sounds really good, my best friend is the main part in this aswell and i can’t wait ;> ! when does it come out?

  • i think M.I.High is a brilliant show
    suitable for children aged 5 – 13
    and the boy who plays blane aint so bad lookin either
    so to all u boring farts out there
    who hate this show
    shut up cos u dnt kno jack s**t ;D

  • Hey, I agree with G3mZii.Pii.Wii.Jkpa112.akjj.11://. Down with the boring farts. Let’s get some creative farting going on around here.

  • As Louis Walsh would say, I liked it. I forgot Bobby Llewellyn was in it, so it was a pleasant surprise.

  • As usually happens with this kind of thing… I report on it for ages, then miss it.

    I may download it and write a review. Depends if I get time.

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