Just a note to apologise for yesterday’s downtime – although if I was in any way technically ept there wouldn’t have been any downtime – and to let you know that we’re now on our new server, with hosting kindly donated by Richard Goodwin of onepointnought. This should fix the problems we’ve been having recently with error messages when trying to comment – let us know if you still have problems. The wiki is down temporarily, but that should be sorted in the next couple of days.

Also coming in the next couple of days will be our Beat The Geek review. Two weeks late. We are, indeed, so good at websites.

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  • OK – I see the problem with sometimes getting an error message whilst commenting *isn’t* fixed. I’ll look into it after tea.

    In the meantime, a workaround is to try and post the comment three times – it works on the third time. (I think Cpt-D said something similar ages ago – he was right.)

  • Right – not managed to finish the comment issue yet. I’ve asked on Drupal‘s support forums, so hopefully I’ll have a fix soon.

    Sorry about this. G&T has been rather unreliable recently – after this, we should be sorted…

  • I believe the comments problem has now been fixed.

    I’m monitoring the error log, so if it happens again, don’t worry – I’ll notice, and have another look at it.

  • I haven’t reasearched this properly – I would’ve checked the Wiki, amongst other sources, but I’m tired, OK?

    Is it generally known what other projects Series VIII’s dinosaur (of Pete fame) was involved in? I picked up a copy of Blackadder Back and Forth recently for the princely sum of ?3 and it features a rather familiar beasty – both head and foot – although the’ve been painted up a little more.
    Of course, there could be more than one dinosaur head/foot available to production companies, but the BBC were partially involved in this one and both Red Dwarf and Blackadder appearances are accompanied by a doco in which the director bemoans a budget that would only stretch to an “entirely convincing” head/foot combo.

    Unless everyone knew that, of course, in which case – Hey, comments work! Go John!

  • Yeah, the dinosaur head looked fantastic. Shame that the CG dino looked almost nothing like it, though.

    Still, they’re both better than that sodding crocodile…

  • I liked the crocodile (I didn’t realise at the time it was supposed to be realistic- I liked it as a parody) but I didn’t like Pete. Maybe it’s because Jurassic Park rose my expectations (and looking back it looks pretty bad as well)

  • > Jurassic Park rose my expectations (and looking back it looks pretty bad as well)

    You’ve GOT to be kidding, yes? Jurrassic Park has ahtonishing effects, which hold up better than most modern CGI creations. I’m still more convinced by Jurrasic Park than fucking King Kong, I can tell you.

  • Jurassic Park CGI is bad?!! The F’ing FX’s were brilliant! And still are compared to some modern day rubbish.

  • > Love your dashing new picture Cappsy. But what are you looking at?

    The Atlantic Ocean! Or a lady sunbathing… I can’t quite remember.

  • > Jurassic Park rose my expectations (and looking back it looks pretty bad as well)


    Quoted for truth.

    Seriously, it’s impossible to overstate how incredible and revolutionary JP was at the time of release.

  • “Love your dashing new picture Cappsy. But what are you looking at?”

    Indeed, wonderful CGI….

    (Cappsy’s Grotesque Image) ;-)

  • There is *one* bit of CGI in Jurassic Park that I don’t think holds up hugely well – and that’s the Gallimimus herd near the end of the film. It just looks a bit too fake.

    The rest though – I agree. It looks better than nearly all CGI does these days… and it was made in 1993. Fucking amazing.

  • >The Atlantic Ocean! Or a lady sunbathing? I can?t quite remember.

    I think you would have been smiling if it was the latter :P

  • the biggest CG part was the Velociraptor attack on (can’t remember his name; the one who was going to shoot one but ended up being attacked from the sides). Watching that anamatronic velociraptor apparently tearing away at him… pretty bad. Most of it was pretty good, though, just parts make me cringe.

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