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It may be a week late, but if you enjoy listening to a group of drunken oafs shouting opinions at each other then you’re in for a treat!

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DwarfCast 5 – Krytie TV Commentary (6.8MB)

We’ve broken recording sequence with our commentaries, now, and we’ve taken one from quite late on in a Saturday night session. Krytie TV was the third commentary recorded that night and as you may hear from the alcohol soaked twatishness of me and Ian, it’s an episode that really divided opinion i.e we were just having a go at John for 29 minutes solid.

Anyway, it’s obvious from this why we decided to publish these commentaries in a random order, as having to sit through 16 commentaries like this would’ve got rather depressing…

7 comments on “DwarfCast 5 – Krytie TV Commentary

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  • Very good, probably the best so far. Thank you Cappsy for asking why the fuck Kryten is in gold! It’s always bugged me, like that fucking Reservoir Dogs/Duane Dibbley thing from Back In The Red read POINTLESS.

    I *can’t wait* to hear a VII commentary, particularly Duct Soup, the review of which I’m due to start soon.

    Some extremely good points made throughout. Just one question: on a website like Ganymede and Titan, what word was so bad that it had to be bleeped out?

  • “Some extremely good points made throughout. Just one question: on a website like Ganymede and Titan, what word was so bad that it had to be bleeped out?”

    In there for half comic effect, half for actual precaution. Just have a crack at guessing which word it was…

  • That was entertaining. I like loads of Series 8, though not this episode that much and came away from that agreeing more with the points of those who were hating it.

    That beard is the lowest eb in the pointlessness of this episode for me
    so glad that got slagged off. Of course we know beards can be very funny
    (see The Movie YNYN) Though I never liked the post gag either which got a fairly
    good reception from you all.

    The point about you only see the cracks in logic if you dont think it’s funny
    is a good point, Tales from the river bank is probably just as obscure as Beadle
    and I’ve never complained about the hammy hamster gags. I think I hated the
    Beadle bits of the show because that not the nine oclock news sketch nailed game
    for a laugh back in the 1980’s so I could never understand a late 90’s show set
    in space trying to do the same kind of thing.

    I laughed at the delivery of “there just tidying up really fast” more than I did
    at the episode recently I think.

  • I must say, I quite like Krytie TV for what it is, but I think I did a bloody awful job defending it there. Partly because of the BOOZE, and partly because I’m just generally rubbish.

    Also, my voice makes me sound like a fucking tosser.

  • Nice Dwarfcast guys… Interesting points pointed out there, in terms of the difference between passion for art and the passion for comedy, never thought of that…

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