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Anyway, for your delectation and delight, we have for you – a scan of an interview with Rob Grant from the Metro on Monday, with thanks to Paul Gannon, and a scan of a review in SFX of Fat, with thanks to me and my dodgy scanner.

Rob Grant interview in The Metro Fat review in SFX

It’s sounding like Fat is something really rather special; something that the sample opening chapter published on TOS would also seem to indicate. Although I suspect we’re heading for Michael Crichton and the environmentalists all over again…

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  • I’m really looking forward to this now. No doubt he’s covering the same ground as Mary Evans Young did with her Dietbreaking book (which actually DID change my life when I read it at age 17), but hopefully it’ll reach a wider audience.

    The Evans Young book is still available second hand.

    Link edited by Seb to stop the page breaking!

  • 5 stars? Blimey…

    Of all the things I didn’t expect this year, Fat being a masterpiece was one of them. I was already happy with the thought of a funny, average romp like Incompetence. I’m EXCITED!

  • To be fair, SFX didn’t exist when Red Dwarf deserved five stars…

    Oh. You mean the DVDs. Well, never let that get in the way of a good sideswipe at VII and VIII, that’s what I say.

  • “…but became so became preoccupied when..”

    Hmm… great editing as ever, SFX. Still, one more book of Incompetence‘s calibre was only be a good thing – hope it lives up to this review now.

  • Wait, are you worried that Rob Grant might invite comparison with Michael Crichton with this book, like in terms of cramming his book with ideological arguments? I think I might see where you’re going with it, but really, from what I’ve read of Rob, he has a long way to go before he becomes like Crichton. Seriously. Looooong way.

  • Oh no, I didn’t mean that. I was referring to the inevitable arguments in the media between Rob Grant and health professionals – just like Crichton and the environmentalists.

  • Yeah, but still, I dunno if I see Rob Grant (a) being so wrong as Michael Crichton, (b) couching his views so blatantly in such mediocre writing or (c) being quite such an asshole about it when people bring it up.

  • This is good to see. Now we know why all the delays happened, it was put on amazon when it was only an idea! Looks like it’s going to be his best book.

  • It does sound like some of the stuff Rob is saying in the book is complete anathema to health professionals – the stuff about salt not harming you, for instance.

    I suppose it all depends on how much it sells, and whether certain people take notice of the book. It might go under the radar; but it only takes one person who can get an article in the media to pick up on it…

  • Well, I’ve…um, I’ve just pre-ordered it.

    UltraMegaEdit: And Robert Llewellyn’s Punchbag.

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