I suppose I should really research this properly, but I can’t be arsed. So instead, I’ll just point you towards this. Put simply: the BBC has signed an agreement to distribute content through Zuedo, a US torrent site. And one of the programmes it’s going to licence will be Red Dwarf.

Now, I should do some kind of analysis about where the future is heading, and will be all be downloading content in the future, and will stuff like DVDs become obsolete, etc etc etc. But I can’t be bothered. And the reason I can’t be bothered is because the whole thing doesn’t excite me one jot. I already own, or don’t want to own, the shows that the BBC will be distributing in this way.

The real excitement with this technology will come when the BBC and other companies start distributing material that would not be cost-effective as a DVD release, but which some people would be willing to pay a premium to access. As soon as high-quality copies of full series of The Goodies are available to download – that’s when I’ll start paying attention.

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  • You’ve hit the nail on the head, there, John. It’s tiresome to see pathetic publicity stunt after another, which only really leads to more of same stuff get sold just in a slightly different way. Yes, we get the concept of online delivery of content, but do something bloody interesting with it, rather than latching on to big names like this and effectively doing nothing decent.

    What happened to the BBC who had the vision to test the iMP? Sure, it was massively flawed, but the concept was pretty groundbreaking. No body wants yet another way of buying shows they can already buy on DVD.

  • To be absolutely fair, the torrents are US only, so they’re probably more useful and relevant than they first appear over here.

    Still, my essential point remains – I’ve never seen anything like this that *I* would want to use.

  • This might be interesting if they chose shows that aren’t already available on region 1 DVD. Of the titles mentioned, only “Strange” and “Ideal” (neither of which I’d heard of before) fit that bill. Now, if they were to add current stuff like “Torchwood” I’d be more enthusiastic.

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