John’s Newsround – 10/12/06

TOS time!

BEAT THE GEEK REGION 4: Released on the 6th. The PG classification is interesting, but what I find intriguing is the bit on the fucking ugly, mate classification labels. “Mild coarse language”? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

ONLINE BTG PART TWO: 20/24. Could be worse. Should be better. I’m still not a fucky fifty player yet, either. And I think I’ll leave that typo.

DAVID ORMEROD HEARING CENTRES DOES A SHIT POLL TO GET FREE PUBLICITY WHICH I’VE JUST ADDED TO OH SHIT: Ninth most memorable theme ever? I can live with that. Friends at number one is an abomination, though. It’s a great programme and a good tune, but first? Excellent to see Grange Hill there, though. Composed just one hour before it was recorded, that was.

Non-TOS time!

BT VISION: Yet another outfit proclaiming themselves as TEH FUTURE OF TELEVISION. The only reason I mention them is that according to this bunch of sanctimonious tosspots, Red Dwarf will be one of the programmes available on-demand. I can’t decide whether choosing a programme that has sold so well on DVD is a really good idea, or a really bad one.

BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG: And finally, just another quick plug for The Holoship Enlightenment, Arlene‘s excellent Dwarf blog. Lots of good stuff being posted there at the moment.

That is, indeed, all.

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  1. Glee. Just for that, I’m’a start writing up something out of my backup episode notes (I actually have some for once). It’s prolly gonna be my first negative review, too.

    >I?m still not a fucky fifty player yet, either. And I think I?ll leave that typo.

    Ehh, you say “typo”, I say “Freudian slip”. I dunno what it means, but I’m sticking to it.

  2. It’s just that he’s incapable of posting an update void of the words ‘fuck’ or ‘cunt’.

  3. G&T Admin

    Sad but cunting true.

  4. 17/24. Better than last time.

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