Well well well, what have we here? Series 4 of Maid Marian, due for release on 19th February. It’s not turned up on Amazon or the Eureka site yet, so there’s no large picture of the cover available – but from what we can see on Play, it looks very amusing; possibly the best cover of the lot.

The extras look pretty good as well:

  • Audio Commentary – Just the one again, then. Bah. Sorry, but commentaries on one episode a series are my pet hate – I know I should be grateful we’re getting any at all, but I can’t help thinking how wonderful it would be if they were on every episode. Especially as Tony Robinson is effortlessly entertaining.
  • Easter Egg – Oooh! Although I still think they defeat the entire point of easter eggs by telling us about them.
  • Improvised Sketches by the Cast – Chairman Wow! This sounds fantastic. Is this new material or archive stuff, I wonder?
  • Tony Robinson talks to Paul Cemmick – Fantastic! Cemmick was the illustrator for the series, and did all the Marian comics – and also the DVD booklets. This could be absolutely fascinating. Speaking of the booklets…
  • Exclusive Booklet – …no doubt it will be as entertaining and downright rude as the previous three releases.

Looking forward to this, then. Series 4 is the last series of Marian, and the one I remember the most; I had it recorded off the telly for ages. (And wiped over it with TVX previews.) And yes – this is the series that has the brilliant Crystal Maze spoof, which stuck in my head from the moment I first saw it. “Would you mind not doing that please?”

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