Forbidden Planet is delighted to announce a signing with Rob Grant. He will be signing his new book FAT (Gollancz – Special Offer Price £8.99) at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2 H 8JR on Saturday 6th January 1 – 2pm.

Marvellous! FP’s own website, meanwhile, also tells us that he’ll be in Bristol on Thursday 11th – although, annoyingly, it’s between 2-4pm, so those of you with JOBS won’t be able to make it. Which seems rather daft, really.

UPDATE : Word now reaches us from TOS that there’s actually a full-blown tour in the works. Check out the dates over there – and note that in addition to the FP signing (where you’ll queue for ages to see him for about thirty seconds), there’s going to be a ticketed event at Waterstone’s, presumably including a reading and/or a Q&A…

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  • I read it over the last two days, and it is breathtakingly good.

    Rob’s stepped up to a whole new level. If there’s any justice, this will be on everyone’s “Best of Novels 2007” (I guess) list. It should start a cultural wave. Big laughs, painful heart-tugs, and readily digestible food for thought. It should, in short, be recognised as a modern masterpiece.

    I’m not exaggerating. It’s THAT good. Seriously.

  • Wow. I remember complaining about it being hyped on here a while back. Maybe the hype was actually justified…

  • Can I have a bit of credit for this news story? Not only did I receive the press release but me mate works there as head of superheroes or something. HE MIGHT ACTUALLY SPEAK TO HIM.

  • > I?m not exaggerating. It?s THAT good. Seriously.

    After all the jokes on here about the irony of the title, that he ate all the pages and had to rewrite it from stratch, he’s a lazy fat cunt etc. it’s good to know the delays have resulted in a great book. I’ll be picking it up (not in hardback, fuck that, even though I’ve got Last Human hardback, not Backwards or Incompetence, what does that say?). Dark Ages and Strangerers were shite though, but at least we get his good writings in his books (maybe Colony not so much, but I know people that love the frig out of it).

  • Speaking of Scotland, I’m watching the Rangers Celtic game at the moment and I can’t be bothered to e-mail the site. The news is, you may have seen it, that Chris Barrie has done a little segment on UKG2 in between ad breaks where he says what he does for Christmas. It’s not very good. If anyone wants to sit through UKG2 programming to see it, there are 3 episodes of Top Gear on this afternoon with one about buying a Porsche for under 1500 pounds… basically, that would be a good time to sit through UKG2. In my opinion. But it’s not important.

  • Following on from Rad’s comment – the fact that he does his spiel in character as Rimmer makes it slightly more newsworthy….

  • The Metro article will be being published tonight, thanks to Paul Gannon sending us a copy.

    I forgot all about this UKG2 stuff – I’ll keep a look out tonight, and hope they haven’t finished it!

  • I think I’m gonna try to make the FB one, despite planning a rather heavy one beforehand in Southampton. I might have the crawl in.

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