Remember us going on about Blak Yak, a theatre company in Australia that occasionally puts on stage productions of Dwarf? Well, I’ve always wondered what they were like, and I’ve come across a couple of reviews for Krytenone by Jonno, whoever he is, and another by Jason Mercer.

I wonder if anyone in the UK would like to put on a performance? After all, I’ve seen Are You Being Served? done, and it was enormous fun…

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  • On TV I find myself wanting to jump down the cathode ray tube and strangle the prick.

    Ha ha! My favourite quote.

    Sounds like it’s pretty damn fantastic. I’d love to get a copy of the scripts for both plays.

  • I can’t believe they did the scene with Cat ‘rehearsing’ with the Toaster. Talk about dedication! At least you know they’re fans.

  • Considering the number of Terry Pratchett novels that now are adapted as plays, and also that eps. of Blackadder Goes Forth have been done on stage both in Canada and the UK, who knows? Beyond RD fans, I can see general audience potential if the comedy aspect of RD were particulary promoted. Beyond what the Aussies have done, other eps. of the early RD series with a minimal number of sets would work quite easily too.

    I wonder if some day a comedy improv stage show of RD might have similar popularity to ones based on the original Star Trek show I’ve heard about… Nice dream. :)

  • Surely the stars of the Series VII DVD main feature TM:YNYN have the acting calibre to bring this to the UK?

  • I was watching TM:YNYN with a friend the other day. Who hated it.

    Odd how something can seem pretty good if you’re watching it with people who like it, but excerable nonsense if they hate it…

  • I had a bit of a revalation with TM:YNYN. I’ll be honest I thought it was pretty shockingly bad and didn’t “get” large parts of it. This was until a conversation with Ian revealed I had entirely missed Doug’s letter from a few DJ’s ago (the only one I’ve missed in the last few years). Suddenly all the stuff with the Duke of Manchester makes perfect sense!

  • I don’t mind people not liking TMYNYN – while I’m still very proud of the script, it’s true that it’s difficult to make out a lot of what’s going on if you’re not familiar with our in-jokery, there are some technical flaws, there are some gags that fall flat, and (to my knowledge) only one of the cast had really had anything in the way of acting experience before. I’m incredibly proud of the achievement, and for me it’s one of the best things I’ve ever been involved in – but I can also completely understand why plenty of people just wouldn’t like it (on the other hand, my favourite reaction to it was from a friend who had never seen an episode of Dwarf, yet was laughing all the way through).

    What gets me, though, is when people criticise the entire fan films feature, and indeed the very idea of the competition. Which to me just seems unfair, contrary to the spirit of the enterprise, and completely needless when you consider that the whole thing was a bit of fun to fill a spare fifteen minutes or so on the disc.

  • Yeah, I wasn’t vastly offended that they didn’t like it. I love it, but there *are* flaws. It suffers from being the first thing we ever shot together. And most – but not all – people who aren’t hardcore fans won’t find it hugely funny.

    To be honest, I think the script is far better than the final result, wheras ideally you want it the other way around – for the shooting to make the script *better* than it was. That’s not to be derogatory to Ian’s directing – there was a whole host of problems in its implementation that are simply down to circumstances. I think the actual shots are (apart from the end one) fine.

  • My mate from work got forced into watching it last week. He liked it. His words were ‘I like that guy…the main one. Seb is it? Yeah he’s really cool.’

    Hahaha! True story.

  • I can’t see how anyone could think it was crap. It’s a fan film, for fuck’s sake. I’ve seen FAR far worse. Of course, you won’t understand half of it if you’re not a true Dwarf fan, but that’s why it was made to go on a Dwarf DVD. OK, knowing a few G&T in-jokes also helps. I suppose it’s like the whole Rob Grant fat cunt thing, that isn’t funny to someone unless they know this site.

  • Seven Day Weekend got back together then? Need a manager who also doubles as a tambourine player and costume designer?

  • You mean you don’t wanna be our groupie? Tsk.

    Apologies for my earlier remark btw “staggeringly bad” was well off my actual reaction. I simple didn’t find it that fun and couldn’t understand the fuss. Whereas now I think it’s really rather clever.

  • My mate from work got forced into watching it last week. He liked it. His words were ?I like that guy?the main one. Seb is it? Yeah he?s really cool.?

    I want to give him a big kiss.

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