…is the name of a film Craig has just finished shooting, where he plays a gay gangster called Carl Begsley. Synopsis nicked from IMDB follows, as padding out articles with a nice cunt paste is, as you should know by now, my speciality.

Clubbing to Death is set in the murky world of club culture, where Dench, a low life gangster runs the five biggest clubs in London, & supplies drugs to all of them. Everything seems to be going well until he gets greedy & decides to rip off his supplier by hijacking the next consignment before it reaches the UK. Trouble is the guy he’s been dealing with forgot to mention that they belong to a psychotic American holed up in Morocco. Will Dench & his loyal right hand man Chris be able to stop the mad yanks plans to destroy his clubs & family before it’s too late?

Let’s hope Craig doesn’t portray the character as being hit by the famed gay ray. Incidentally, Craig’s boyfriend is played by Philip Olivier, which puts an image into my head that is slightly disconcerting.

Thanks to Lee Phillips for mailing us about this – who, it turns out, is the director of the film. We’re just so cool and, erm, “happening”. We’ll let you know more about the film’s release when it get it.

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  • Sounds like something I might see. Phil Olivier is a pretty good as Hex in the Doctor Who Big Finish audios and I’ve also got a huge crush on him! Hopefully the “new and improved” Craig Charles will play the role sensitively and convincingly.

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