Are you a Danny John-Jules fan? Want to shout out “amusing” things about a certain brick wall to him? Well, we’ve been contacted by a very nice man called Will Dixon from Brook Lapping Productions, who let us know that Danny is a guest on a late night chat show for Teachers’ TV. (It’s not actually a chat show hosted by Danny. That would be hideous.) It’s being recorded in Leicester Square on Tuesday evening, and if you want tickets, then email Louisa Gomez on lgomez at, or call her on 020 7428 3100. It’s free, and there will be DRINKS AND SNACKS.

Rather off the point, but I love it when people email us like this. Not only does is make me feel important, but – whilst it obviously helps them out by getting them an audience – it’s a nice thing to let fans know about things like this. And it also shows somebody is actually doing their job, and investigating Dwarf fansites in order to let people who would want to go know about it. Excellent stuff.

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