Oooh, pardon. A brief cast roundup, then.

NORM GIGS: Norm’s added a couple of slideshow gigs to his site; he’s doing the Leicester Comedy Festival on Thursday 15th February, and he’s on at The Tron in Glasgow on Wednesday 14th March. He’s appearing with Andrew O’Neill both times, who I’ve never seen before. Is he any good, anyone?

MASSIVE MACHINES: Out on DVD today. No extras sadly, but with factual programmes it never really seems to matter as much. No sign of Massive Speed on any online shops yet, although I suspect it’s inevitable.

UNDERGROUND: Nicked from TOS, this is a film Danny’s in, playing a character called Lamont Gaines. Whoever he is. Sadly, the site continues the trend for crap film websites (Pop-up windows? Text as graphics, with no alt or longdesc text? It’s an accessibility nightmare). Anyway, it’s all about some underground fighting tournament. In the same TOS story there’s also a mention of Graham McTavish’s new site; not perfect on the technical front, but a pretty nicely-designed site visually.

GEEK CHASE: I suppose it’s my moral duty to remind you of this. No, I haven’t finished it. Yes, all those who have can fuck off.

And apropos of nothing, read this and this, and then watch this. I AM SCARED AND I WANT TO DIE.

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  • >And apropos of nothing, read this and this, and then watch this.

    Aw, hell no. Just…no. I wonder if it wouldn’t have actually been marginally less disturbing just to exhume his corpse and move its jaw with a string. I saw the “retro” commercial referenced in one of those articles; it works much better, because what you’re seeing in it is an actual, live person (well, “live” as in “when this advert was made he was alive”), albeit one that many years ago bought a very small, six-foot-deep popcorn farm.


    What is the bastardy bloody shitting arseholes point of a back-up drive if it erases your files! Cheap piece of complete crap has erased all 4 of my Red Dwarf reviews!

    *weeps intensely in a corner*

  • And apropos of nothing, read this and this, and then watch this.

    Kind of reminded me of the Day Today thing they did with the remote controlled corpse. “Justice.”

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