It’s difficult to put into words quite how fantastic this actually is. Ever since the start of the Red Dwarf DVD releases, we – and loads of other fans – have been asking… well, where the fuck he was, frankly. When V and VI were released, we all thought we’d missed our chance. And here he is – talking about the genesis of the series. It’s more than I could have ever hoped for. Jesus, if anyone is wondering whether they still want this release, then here’s your answer.

And I have to give credit to John Lynam on the Webboard, who was the first person I saw to suggest that the “interesting and unexpected contributor” mentioned in the previous DVD Details article could indeed be Mr. Fat Bastard 2044 himself. I’d hoped that it would be him, but didn’t dare get too excited…

As for the others, Craig and Danny were expected, of course (although hasn’t all this information come early this year? It’s usually at least February before we get even the initial announcement) – but Hattie is slightly more unexpected, seeing as she’s only in one episode of Series 2. John Lenahan is fantastic news too, obviously. But Rob Grant is the news here. I suppose the real question is, though – will this mean the doccos have to go widescreen?

I deeply, deeply, deeply apologise. I mean, it’s not even funny.

Incidentally, whilst we’re speaking of Rob Grant, we’ll have a review up of Fat this weekend. And it’ll definitely happen, because I’m not the one writing it. We would have had it up earlier, but we had, erm, “technical problems”. Nice to see G&T’s record for excellence in technical matters is continuing into 2007.

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  • Whatever doubts I may have had about picking this up for the extras (there weren’t many, I swear) are outthewindow at this point.

  • What’s odd, of course, is that he’s talking on the Series 1 and 2 doccos, which are part of the remastered release… which is something he wasn’t involved with at all!

    I’d love to know what his opinions are on the remastered series. I wonder if he’s actually seen it.

  • I hate the Remastered episodes even more than VII and VIII, but I was playing with my nipples when I read this. FANTASTIC.

  • > Do you mean remastered or his willy?

    Not for 13 years, at least…

    This is YES FUCK YES fucking GREAT news! If there was ONE thing they could have done to guarantee every true Dwarf fan picked this up getting Rob in was it! To be honest, I’m far more interested on hearing his views on the early series’ than III onwards. In fact I can’t wait for the 1 and 2 docos. 2 remains my favourite series (just beating V).

  • If there was ONE thing they could have done to guarantee every true Dwarf fan picked this up getting Rob in was it!

    Sadly, I wouldn’t be so sure of that…

  • My god John you’ve been busy with the updates today! This is superb, excellent, wonderful news which of course means that I’ll have to get this now. Money is a problem this year, but a savings account is very handy…

  • Never have I been so glad to be wrong! I couldn’t see why Rob Grant would expound his viewpoint in the remastered series of all things, but here he is. And so I don’t care if this is not even officially released in Region 1 (though I would prefer it…), this is a must buy!

    But how the hell did Naylor, Ellard et. al. persuade him to appear after all this time? Surely not just publicity for his book?!

  • Do Grant and Naylor talk to each other at all nowadays? Is it a business relationship solely or are they still friends?

  • Rob Grant’s participation is excellent news! From my perspective, however, a region 1 version being produced is still very much a deciding factor in whether I will buy the DVD. Only currently being able to watch something region 2 on my computer really takes away from the experience of watching the show compared to on TV. Considering the remastered version is what a lot of North Americans saw first, I really hope there’s a greater chance than with the Beat the Geek DVD. :D

  • >>If there was ONE thing they could have done to guarantee every true Dwarf fan picked this up getting Rob in was it!

    >Sadly, I wouldn?t be so sure of that?

    Depends what you mean by ‘true Dwarf fan’, I suppose…

  • Eep, the “true Dwarf fan” definition! Has anyone else noticed how it can devolve into a tricky “us” and “them” thing? :-/ I’m glad it’s never yet been as bad as the two groups of Felis sapiens warring over the colour of a paper hat. :)

  • > Depends what you mean by ?true Dwarf fan?, I suppose?

    Exactly! If you are a ‘true’ Dwarf fan you’ll know that Rob is going to be on the disc and therefore it is your DUTY to own it, in a way you owe it to him for agreeing to do the interview. At one stage I was thinking ‘I don’t want the re: bastard series’ but then I thought ‘well what kind of a fan does that make you?’ then – after I’d had a little cry – I realised I would own it even if it was just the episodes. It’s like with Who series 2, for reasons far too boring to go into I didn’t feel like I wanted to own the season set, but then I thought ‘just fucking buy it, it’s not as though you can’t afford it’ and I’m glad I did (not the fucking Cyber head box set though, the packaging is meant to be crap).

    The fact remains that…it’s ROB GRANT! Look, there! Smoking in that episode where time goes backwards! What a cameo! Beats Ed as Death.

  • Excuse me while I get in some astonished swearing to which I could unfortunately not attend last night on account of being booted off:


    Thank you. My premonition came true! **squeee!** I think I may have had another one, but I’m not going to describe it, or else it may not happen.

    And, speaking as a fat-arse, one more fat joke and I shall have to come over there and…fall on someone. I may have to eat them as well.

    ( ;P )

  • It is perhaps only polite to point out that I’m a FAT CUNT as well.

    Do Grant and Naylor talk to each other at all nowadays? Is it a business relationship solely or are they still friends?

    Nobody knows…

    *elevator chime*

  • >It is perhaps only polite to point out that I?m a FAT CUNT as well.

    Huzzah! Then let the girth-related hijinks continue!

    (Seriously, ’twas meant in good humor, to indicate that such a vein of humor as explored here doesn’t particularly bother me. Didn’t mean to make anyone feel awkward.)

  • >I am firmly in the wobbley bottom camp, too. Hurrah for fatness!

    Double huzzah! I think I’ll go have another chocolate. (Hey, they have antioxidants or whatever the fuck they are in ’em. They’re health food, dammit!)

  • > Nobody knows?

    True, but somehow I doubt they ever have contact with each other. As far as we know it was a pretty big bust-up they had, and we know from comments over the years that after being great friends and writing partners for years they did definitely stop talking to each other.

    I hope none of this is brought up in his DVD interview. It’s no place for it.

  • I’d like to advertise myself as having generous proportions as well, which may tell you rather too much about the possible effect of Dwarf fandom…

  • >He looks fucking ugly, doesn?t he?

    After all he’s been doing for Red Dwarf lately, I’m almost ready to snog him out of sheer gratefulness.

    Also: The Enlightenment is updated, after much laziness on my part. Promise, someday I’ll even get around to some book reviews.

  • Just to come in belatedly on the “true dwarf” fan talk before things went all wibbly wobbly. Yes this is utterly fantastic news but it’s no ones DUTY to buy anything. Heck you could quite easily be a big fan and just buy the two ‘Only the episodes’ DVD’s. Some people, sad lonely people, only care about the finished product and not all the associated shenagary.

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