Thanks to Paul Gannon for pointing us towards this Manchester Evening News interview with Rob Grant, on Fat. It makes for an interesting read, with a glimpse of his personal life that we don’t often get to see.

I kinda feel bad bringing this up, but I couldn’t help but notice the following:

Grant says it was a “particularly traumatic” period in his life which led him, around 13 years ago, from a fit and lean thirtysomething to a man facing middle age with more than a paunch.

13 years ago? That would be… 1994. Around the time of the Grant Naylor partnership split. Oh, I feel like tabloid scum, I really do. I’ll be camping outside his house next.

6 comments on “I’ve run out of headlines for Rob Grant I’m afraid, so sorry about that, I’ll have a think of some more for next time

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  • Does anyone seriously think that if things had have gone differently with Dwarf (or, more accurately, with Doug) he wouldn’t have turned into Jabba’s little brother? I don’t reckon. Still…what do we know?

  • The bit that confuses me is about Red Dwarf lifting Rob out of “extreme poverty”. Erm, you would have thought three years as co-head-writer of Spitting Image would have done that…

  • I know that most sketchwriters don’t, but I just thought that as head writers they would get paid rather more.

    But I do speak from a position of COMPLETE IGNORANCE of this kind of thing, admittedly.

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