Speaking of Danny, we last reported on this show back in November. Basic premise: a group of schoolkids lead a double life as spies, with the school caretaker Lenny Bicknall – played by Mr. John-Jules himself – as their leader. Well, the series – 10 x 30min episodes – has now been scheduled to start on Monday 8th January @ 5.00pm on BBC ONE, with the second episode on the CBBC channel straight after.

There’s an interview with Danny here, and the official site is also online, although there’s not much there beyond some downloads and a very short trailer. There’s also a synopsis of the first two episodes on the BBC listings site; the first episode is “The young spies discover that the British Prime Minister has been replaced by a cyber-clone”, wheras the second episode is “The Grand Master has a destructive plan to freeze the world into submission! Can Daisy get Sonya on side and will our team remain ice-cool as the action hots up?” :-o, or something.

Let’s hope this is as much fun as The Sarah Jane Adventures was…

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  • I saw Danny on CBBC yesterday in my hotel. It was a short preview of the series with interviews. I did let a member of G&T know.

  • Gah I keep forgetting about this!
    I’ve still not got round to watching any of it yet – I’ll go and put it in my SKY+ now!!

  • I turned to it just to see what it was like and lo and behold, Danny and Bobby were onscreen together, which was certainly enough to make me keep watching. Seeing Robert doing ‘serious’ acting is quite something in itself, even if it’s in a kids show. Not that he’s a crap actor but you’re just so used to him trying to make people laugh in his performance. The same applies to Chris and Danny in non-comedy they’ve been in. I find it hard to take Danny seriously in Blade 2. Craig, on the other hand, seems to just play it the same whether he’s in Dwarf, Corrie or some film where a statue comes alive in Liverpool.

  • Hmmm. Maybe I should resurrect that. I got one (excellent) contribution from Cpt-D, and no others – but that’s to be expected for a first column. More people would have contributed if I’d carried it on.

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