Short version: Dimension Jump XIV will be held at the Peterborough West Holiday Inn, from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2007.

Long version:

Interesting that it’s on the same weekend as last year, there’s usually about 14 months between DJs. It’s quite a bad weekend for students, but every weekend is bad for someone. One thing that is bad for pretty much everyone, though, is the hotel. Yes, everyone in the world has the same opinion as me. This is the third straight year at Peterborough, so the third straight year of over-priced drinks being served by complete cunts, of shit food menus, and of having little or no alternative to paying the hotel’s extortionate rates due to being so far from the town centre, and of hotel bookings mysteriously going missing. Still, at least last year we discovered the Peterborough Ghost Walk – do join us at 4am on Saturday night for a trip to the woods.

DJ now has its own site, linked to from the main TORDFC one. Which, incidentally, has been redesigned based on the current BTLi skin. Yes, because a Proboards forum is really what you want to base your site design on, in space year 2007. Mind, the DJ site is even worse. Surely, you’d expect to be able to go on the site and see instantly what weekend DJ is. Erm, no, you have to click on ‘Registration’. Surely, though, the venue will either be on the front page, or the registration page. Nope, that’s nowhere to be seen until the ‘Hotel Booking’ page. Still, at least the booking process box on the front page is extremely helpful. Step One – click ‘Step One’. Step Two – click ‘Step Two’. You can work out the rest of the controls for yourself. Also, following this process, you read the Terms and Conditions of the weekend *after* you’ve registered and booked the hotel. Because that’s how transactions work. And the info on Previous DJs in ‘coming soon’, despite all the content having been around for *years*.

Sigh. Last year’s DJ was fantastic. Truly excellent, and easily the best one of the four I’ve been to. I’m looking forward to this one an extraordinary amount, and would recommend it to everyone who has even a passing interest in Red Dwarf. But they’re hardly getting that message across on the website. Still, book your DJ place. Book it now. Do it. DO it. Do IT. DO IT.

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  • Yes do come along for the ghost walk. You get to see the G&T crew wet themselves with fear and hallucinate dead women hanging out of trees.

  • *sigh* Ah well, I guess it’ll do. To be honest, the location seemed irrelevant to me last year, since it was *so* good, but it’s a shame we have to put up with such shoddy treatment from the hotel. If the food isn’t sorted out, I’m going to personally blame Gannon.

    We should clearly get a massive G&T visitors gathering sorted out somewhere around the bar area, too, especially if there’s going to be anyone’s first DJ.

  • Me and my best friend have been talking about going to a DJ for about 4 years now but have never actually got round to it. Hopefully this year we will.

  • Excellent!

    I’ve just this moment seen the new fan club site design. Jesus H Christ, it’s terrible. It’s almost article worthy.

    I mean, the DJ page looks great, why not go for an original design for the main site? As Ian said, basing your design on a ProBoards forum is STUPID.

  • Is there some kind of discount rate for couples? Because Austin and I have been spending too many nights in lately and this would be a chance to renew the spark in our relationship.

  • As Ian said, basing your design on a ProBoards forum is STUPID.

    Not to mention potentially actionable…?

    Even down to the “x guests viewing” at the bottom. YOU CAN’T LOG IN to the fan club site (on which point, btw, I notice that the “passcodes” thing has finally been done away with and BTLi now has a link that’s viewable to anyone), so it’ll ALWAYS be “guests”. Ridiculous.

  • and BTLi now has a link that?s viewable to anyone)

    Anyone can view the link, but you can only actually view the forums if you’re a fan club member. In order to even read things, you have to wait for your fan club membership to be verified. Then the mods get blamed when there’s no new people posting.

    Oh shit, I’ve just seen Tony Hawks doing an insurance ad on Sky.

  • 1) Excellent DJ logo this year! I love it.

    2) The new fanclub site is awful. The DJ one *looks* pretty nice (although it could do with more pictures, especially on the front page), but I agree with Ian about the usability problems.

    3) Bad news about the hotel – but the event *was* fantastic last year apart from that, so I can put up with it. I just hope the food is better and less of a huge fucking rip-off, and we go somewhere different for the 20th anniversay.

    4) That is all.

  • Quick note: don’t bother trying to book the hotel room online, it won’t let you because the fan club have booked out the entire hotel. You’ll have to phone up.

  • 1) Excellent DJ logo this year! I love it.

    I like the way it caters for both Jews and devil worshipers.

  • as long as some people dont’ get stoned and freak out at the trees, and this time we bring a Video camera.

    I want to find that fecking house again!

  • Get a room next to mine, Phil. And try to ignore the eye hole cut into the wall?

    Don’t let the bugger bite you.

  • I spent many hours trying to find an alternative location for DJ. Every hotel chain in the land won’t let you have the full room compliment, as any unsold rooms will be a loss to them, and usually at cost to the club. But as we’ve been there before and filled the 90 room allocation on 2 occasions, they let us have the lot. This swung it for me.

    I understand there are still issues with food, and yet again I will be working to improve on this problem.

    Thanks for your site suggestions. It’s good to get feedback.

  • Yeah, I don’t mean to complain too much about it. It’s slightly annoying, but I realise there are problems with locations to do with insurance.

    As I’ve said, I thought last year’s DJ was *fantastic*.

  • > 1) Excellent DJ logo this year! I love it.

    >I like the way it caters for both Jews and devil worshipers.

    I was trying to appeal to the minorities. We need more Jewish Devil worshippers at events like this.

    Incidentally, I had no involvement with the websites, despite what appearances may suggest. However, the layout and images are not owned by Proboards, they are mostly mine. Permission wasn’t granted by me, but then I’m not sure if all my work is now owned by the fanclub or not.

  • > I want to find that fecking house again!

    Yes! Oh well that’s saturday nights entertainment sorted.

  • >Incidentally, I had no involvement with the websites, despite what appearances may suggest. Permission wasn?t granted by me, but then I?m not sure if all my work is now owned by the fanclub or not.

    I was wondering about the new-look site. I’m hoping for an announcement from Paul to explain his grand plan. :)

  • >I was trying to appeal to the minorities. We need more Jewish Devil worshippers at events like this.

    I’m not, but if it’ll get me to DJ I can fake it. I guess.

    Speaking of which, I took stock of the potential costs, and it’d probably cost a few thousand dollars to go (what with airfare from Washington state and that). So it’s possible I could attend, but probably only if someone in my immediate family wins the lottery.

    The solution: Obviously I need to write a bestselling novel. Or something. If I can be arsed.

    On the bright side, I’m listening to “Weird Al” Yankovic’s latest album and it’s really very good.

    Oh, and if I don’t make it, somebody had best hug Chris Barrie for me. And tell him about my site, if you can fit it in =P .

  • it?d probably cost a few thousand dollars to go

    But with your economy, that’s only about twenty pounds, isn’t it?

  • I dunno, but the fact remains that I live in the land of dollars, not quid, and I don’t have that many dollars to my name. If I did, I’d be there to hug Chris Barrie myself. I promise you I would.

  • I may attend if I can book the time off work. One snag: I’ll have to go on my own, so would it be possible to meet up with Ian, Cappsy, John and the G&Ters when I get there?

  • Of course, Ben! Just listen out for an East Midlands voice talking about porn, and that’ll lead you to John and the rest of us.

  • > Yes, we?d love to HAVE you.

    OOh, pardon. I hope I can go, but as my work are complete CUNTS when it comes to holidays, I’m crossing my fingers.

  • The more the merrier! If you can’t find John, look out for the long-haired Brummie being smug (me), the blonde giant from Middlesbrough (Cappsy), the ginger woman with big tits (Tanya), the speccy Yorkshireman (Danny) and the sarcastic Scouser (Seb).

  • > Middlesborough

    If you’re going to get my place of birth wrong then at least spell it right, fucko.

  • From the DJ site:

    NOTE: Price change

    * Single rooms ?57 per night
    * Double/ Twin ?94 per night

    Now included in the price of night’s stay is an evening meal and a breakfast.. This has been altered to provide better dining requirements.

    As someone who has moaned about the food at DJ before – I am seriously, seriously impressed with this. Fantastic stuff.

  • Yeah, the prices have increased – although you don’t have to pay it. You can just tell the hotel that you don’t want the food, and you pay the lower price.

    I’m just pleased there’s hot food now – the food was one of my major complaints last DJ.

  • >Isn?t that ?19 on what it was beforehand, though? I?m sure a double/twin was only ?75 before?

    It’s ?20 more, the twin/double last year was ?74.
    So you’re paying ?20 for an evening meal as the breakfast was already included last year in the ?74.

    I suppose it depends what you get for your ?20 really, if they decide to reduce the menu once more then it might not be such a good deal.

    I’ll have to check with my roommate and see what he wants to do – but I reckon we’d be able to fill up at breakfast and get some snacky stuff in the room and/or order in pizza for less than ?20 between us.

  • > Useful rule of thumb

    She means our cocks.

    My thumb is double-jointed. What does that say about my cock?

  • >My thumb is double-jointed. What does that say about my cock?

    Well according to Wiki, double-jointedness… “generally results from one or more of the following:
    * abnormally-shaped ends of one or more bones at a joint
    * weak or stretched ligaments
    * abnormal joint proprioception “

    Sooooo, your cock is either abnormal or weak…

  • >Karl Eisenhauer
    >Fri, 09 Feb 2007 12:25 “Erm what?s BTL Extra all about then?”

    BTL Extra is a interactive Add-on to BTL. In each issue you will get a new Passcode to access that issues BTL Extra content. BTL Extra will become available when BTL 52 is sent out.

    That’s sure to be good.

  • > I always wondered why people were afraid of my avocado-shaped knob

    Phil doesn’t seem to mind though!

  • Good news! Work have let me have the whole of that weekend off! Now all I need to do is sort out the convention itself and the hotel. The prices certainly don’t seem too bad now, think I’ll follow Smeg4Brains’ idea and just get loads of food and a pizza in!

  • Excellent stuff – Get the hotel booked first, you can register afterwards, it is best to make sure you have your room sorted (despite what the DJ website says)

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