I don’t actually approve of uploading full episodes of Dwarf to YouTube. Clips, fine – but buy the DVDs if you want to watch a full episode. And don’t get me started on the twats who upload DVD extras…

Still, despite that – this is intriguing, as it’s the Japanese version of a Series IV episode. Dimension Jump, to be precise. Now, look at the transition between the end of the Japanese title sequence, and start of the episode proper, with the Rob and Doug credit. It’s *awful* – so awkward, and it even has a repeat of the title music fading away into the background. Really quite appallingly done. For a series where the majority of the rushes still exist, surely it could have been remade properly, rather than having the awkward fade? It’s just so irritating to see something like that when the original episode was so beautifully put together.

Yes, I have nothing better to do with my life. Fuck off.

When I’ve got some money, I’ll buy the Japanese set and make a list of edits. Until then, you’ll have to do with Seb’s excellent dissection of Red Dwarf VI.

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  • Seb’s article IS excellent. I’m amazed it was posted in 2004…I still remember that. I cannot believe how much of my life I wasted with you clowns.

    Anyway, that said, a full edit list for the Japanese episodes would be fantastic.

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