Ganymede & Titan’s continued testing of our new host’s goodwill continues as we launch a brand new downloads section stocked to the gills with STUFF, along with the definite promise of more STUFF to come. That’s right, look excited.

The link is up there at the top of the page (what do you mean you never noticed the top navigation bar before?) next to ‘Tags’ but before ‘Wiki’. You can’t miss it. It’s called ‘Downloads’. Click on it some time, why don’t you.

You’ll notice that it’s by no means the finished product, and at the moment only one section is available – namely ‘Desktop Wallpapers’ – to get the ball rolling and pave the way for the gradual release of the rest over the coming weeks. So, what can you expect to find upon visiting the new section? Well, I’ll tell you. I bloody will.

Desktop Backgrounds – This is now online and ready for your perusal. Basically, TOS aside, there’s a lack of truly decent Dwarf themed desktop backgrounds out there and this needed to be addressed. In the latter months of my old site, The White Hole, I hosted a good selection of such backgrounds created by the excellent Danny Stephenson. However, this isn’t just my old backgrounds moved across to G&T – oh no, sir – as Danny (and to a smaller extent Seb and myself) have crafted some all new creations for you to slap on your bland, lifeless, hum-drum computer screen. Pay special attention to the first two rows, which feature some absolutely brilliant BBC Two ident spoofs, created by the aforementioned Danny.

Continuity (coming soon) – You may not have noticed, but here at G&T towers we’re not just geeky and obsessive about Red Dwarf. TV presentation is another huge interest among the group and so in order to FORCE this on you, we plan a collection of original continuity announcements from original and repeat broadcasts of Dwarf. So far we have around six or so, so obviously we’ll be looking to expand this as much as possible. So, if you’ve got any old off-airs we can pillage for their sweet, sweet continuity then do get in touch. We’ll reward you with sexual favours.

Rarities (coming soon) – Bit of a vague one, this, but the main remit is to try and cobble together everything that, for whatever reason, didn’t make it on to the brilliant Dwarf DVDs such as interviews, features and the like. Obviously, what with being a reckless group of scallywags, we wave our arses in the face of such concerns as copyright so we’ll hopefully stick up anything we find. Once again, contributions from you lovely, sexy people will be greatly appreciated.

Print Archive (coming soon) – The long standing among you may remember that this is an old section that has, so far, not been carried over from the old G&T. Well, pretty soon we’ll have a great deal more material to add to this, so a new, improved and updated version will be appearing all too soon. Blah blah, please send us in anything you may have blah fucking blah we’ll love you for it etc.

So, that’s it, then. GO THERE NOW!

27 comments on “G&T Downloads launched

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  • Those are very good. Did you make those yourself?

    They can replace me and my girlfriend on my desktop.

  • > Those are very good. Did you make those yourself?

    Danny did the top 4 BBC Two ident spoofs, along with ‘T2’, ‘Fractal’ and ‘Series III/IV Logo’. Seb did ‘Moons’ and I did ‘g&t@bbc’.

    And, obviously, the Red Dwarf logo we STOLE for most of them was done by GNP…

  • And special mention has to go to Andrew Green for the Lego one, it’s a little nod to our Fan Film that we made :) I made the Smego logo for him but he did the 3d rendering, he’s so frigging good at it!!

  • > And special mention has to go to Andrew Green for the Lego one, it?s a little nod to our Fan Film that we made :) I made the Smego logo for him but he did the 3d rendering, he?s so frigging good at it!!

    Of course, yes, I forgot about that one!

  • The lego one is my fave.

    John, did your comment about the lack of good backgrounds take into account the Czech site recently mentioned on TOS?

  • Well, I didn’t write the good backgrounds comment. The article is by Cappsy.

    That Czech site *is* fantastic, though, although it’s a pity they’re all in 1024×768, rather than 1280×1024.

  • Why not put links to the dwarfcasts there so they are all together in one place?

    We’re going to be doing that, yeah. Main reason we haven’t so far is that I need to sort out a proper iTunes feed for them. Once I’ve done that, we’ll stick them in there.

  • Eeeeeee! I’m so happy, I can hardly contain myself! [/Stimpy]

    Hey, I actually have the “Series III/IV” one–think I nicked it from the White Hole (?)…

  • Yeah, I had that one on The White Hole! I didn’t realise you were a past visitor, Arlene!

    Oops, I totally forgot about the Czech backgrounds… I’ve done them a dis-service. As John said, though, it’s a shame they don’t have 1280×1024 versions. Ah well.

  • Some beautiful stuff there, I particularly like PAINT. BTW, if anyone could put Universe Challenge on the rarities section, I’d love them forever. xxx

  • Is suitably impressed…
    Currently have ‘Blade’ on my desk top, very nice it looks too…
    Many thanks etc..

  • We’ll have a bit of an update of this page coming very soon, by the way. Seb’s working on some excellent ideas and we have a totally breathtaking piece original art from Mick Hayes, which make you all WEE YOURSELVES or your money back.

  • – So, if you?ve got any old off-airs we can pillage for their sweet,
    sweet continuity then do get in touch.

    Darn it. I think I just threw out my off air recordings as and when
    the dvd’s came out. Didnt ever think continuity would ever interest fan’s.
    Now I feel like a man working for the BBC in the 70’s as a tape wiper.

    I will go and have a look anyway within the few tapes I have left.

  • > a man working for the BBC in the 70?s as a tape wiper

    As a Doctor Who fan, this type of person is clearly the absolute lowest of the low. I’ll never see Marco Polo now…

  • Yeah, I like that – it gives a nice flavour of the story for those unfamiliar with it. I own the loose cannon full reconstruction, which is a marvellous piece of work and shows you exactly what a fucking brilliant story this was, but everytime I watch it, it makes me long for the original. Like listening to The Daleks’ Master Plan CD release, really.

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