What happens when half of the G&T crowd get together for a long weekend? A Tikka Dwarfcast that institutes an argument between me and my loved one, jokes about coarse ginger fanny hair, and NO WORK. Still, late or not, we aim to be completist, so let’s have a look at last week’s TOS stuff.

The main news is about Chris’ new film Back In Business, which I’ve been meaning to report on again for ages, but, erm, didn’t. Well, it’s going on release from 9th February (that’s this Friday, date fans) in Apollo Cinemas; you can see the full listings here. The film website has some interesting things on it, including some behind-the-scenes stuff – including this little piece about Barrie. You can also see the trailer here.

I’ll probably pop along, although when Chris Barrie himself said at the last DJ that the script badly needed a going over by a decent gag writer – and didn’t get one – you wonder how good it’s going to be. Also: worrying. I suspect it’ll be worth it for Barrie’s performance, however. And it’s got to be better than the last film I went to see – Over The Hedge. I could only stand 20 minutes before I ran out to save MY BRAINS BLEEDING OUT MY EARS.

The other TOS update was a piece on My Science Fiction Life, which is altogether rather more pleasant than my report. Despite the quality of most of the contributions there, we should probably go over there and contribute some decent stuff.

Oh yeah, and stuff is happening with Claire Grogan’s new film The Penalty King – DVD releases, premieres, online clips – there’s a lot to write about it. But unfortunately:

2. DOUBLE DVDs of the movie can be pre-ordered from Amazon, Tesco etc etc – just use the SEARCH facility and you’ll find it.

You’re not going to link to them? Wouldn’t it hugely help sales to give a direct link?

3. YOUTUBE – nine clipettes for you to relish – again SEARCH button cos I can’t be a**ed to do a link.

…ah. Right.

Forgive me if I can’t be arsed to give you proper publicity if you can’t be bothered to do it yourself. Never mind.

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