A quick roundup of what’s going on, then. Which is not a huge amount, to be honest. Let’s all hope for a Remastered DVD Details article on TOS this Friday, eh?

What an ugly cunt.

Yesterday saw the release of Series 4 of Maid Marian. Or Series IV. Or Maid Marian IV. Seven episodes, two commentaries, improvised sketches, and an interview with Paul Cemmick – it’s a nice package, bar my usual complaint about wanting a full set of commentaries. No doubt we’ll review it at some point – once I’ve done my Series 3 review. Or Series III review. Orfuckinghellimsorry.

In other cast news, Chris Barrie is at the Movie Comic Media Expo this coming Saturday, at Telford in the West Midlands. Norman Lovett is in Treasure of Albion’, a student film which is premiering at the BAFTA headquarters, excellently enough. It also features Todd Carty, aka Stewart Lee. In FUCKING STUPID news, the ninth series of Scrapheap Challenge has been delayed until Autumn, for some idiotic reason – it’s all in the can, so a long break seems a rather foolish decision to me. Way to build up viewer loyalty, Channel 4. Meanwhile, Howard Goodall is being a busy boy; he’s currently putting the finishing touches to the score for Mr Bean’s Holiday. There’s also a nice piece here, about him being a ‘singing ambassador’.

Sadly, we’ve missed reporting on Trpaslicon – a Red Dwarf and British comedy convention held last weekend in the Czech Republic. There seems to be a thriving Dwarf fan community over there – almost more vibrant than the one in the UK, from the outside. Maybe I should start learning Czech…

And finally – I started a web design company, innit. I have nothing more to say except PLEASE GIVE ME WORK. Thanks.

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