Rob Grant to attend DJ!

As reported by fanclub Chairman James Bull himself, on the Webboard.

The phrase “FUCKING YES!” springs to mind.

There’s two things to note, here. The first is, frankly, how great Dimension Jump has been recently. I’ll admit that I left my second DJ in 2005 feeling disappointed – for a variety of reasons, which there’s no point dwelling on now. The 2006 event was a complete turnaround – sure, there were problems, and things which could be improved – but the weekend as a whole was a pure joy. With real efforts being made for XIV to fix certain things with the hotel itself (booking the whole place out purely for DJ, providing meals), and now Rob Grant’s booking – it seems the next DJ is set to be even better. Kudos to the fanclub team.

Secondly, is this overwhelming feeling that Rob Grant is coming home. He’s not been involved at all with Dwarf since the release of Backwards in 1996 – and then suddenly, he’s interviewed for the DVDs, polished up and finished Bodysnatcher – and now this.

Despite movie problems, and the lack of a new series since 1999 – it’s a good time to be a Dwarf fan, eh? Now, to plan those questions…


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  1. I like your speed man..Yes that’s correct, just got the mail tonight. He’s really nice…


    Now, the question is, if his daughter’s had a word with him, will he be refusing to talk to any G&T people? ;-)

  3. I’d ask him if he’d consider a new Dwarf novel.

  4. This DJ should definitely be a DVD extra. Like Hattie’s thing, only longer (oo-er!) and with more footage of the actual event.

  5. Well I can’t say I’m totally surprised.

    Actually I can’t. Given as John just pointed out that he seems to be re-embracing the series somewhat. Still…

    *releases string of joyous expletives*

    Worringly my first reaction wasn’t “Oh joy” it was infact now you have to enter the fancy dress competition Mister Patrick.

  6. Can I be arsed to go now?

  7. >Can I be arsed to go now?

    …and does anyone care?

    So many questions go unanswered :oP

    Excellent news BTW – I’m wondering if his daughter will tag along with a few choice words for you all ;o)

  8. G&T Admin

    I’m insanely excited about this. Yay for the fan club team!

  9. Thanks potato. I don’t really care if you care or not.

  10. At last, I’ve booked…

    So you will once more be treated to my presence…

    (I’ll be the senile old git, drinking in the corner, rocking back and forth and dribbling)…

  11. G&T Admin

    Excellent, Steve! I’ve not seen you since about 3 DJs ago! I’ll buy you a drink, and you can tell everyone about your garden water feature.

  12. G&T Admin

    I too am looking forward to meeting you, Steve!

  13. G&T Admin

    I look forward to meeting you again, Darling…

  14. >Thanks potato. I don?t really care if you care or not.


  15. Awww Chucks…

    Sadly though, the toilet water feature froze and cracked last winter and has now been replaced by a Budha head that instead vomits water into a decorative ceramic pot…
    Not quite the talking point it was…

  16. Yes darling, I’m sure you owe me a pint, or is it the tother way round?

  17. It’s always the way, innit? He doesn’t involve himself in anything to do with Red Dwarf for 11 years, and then all of a sudden, he does three things at once! Could this be leading to a new novel or series?

    Nah, probably not.

  18. Well clearly the movie is going to be rewritten by Rob and Doug. This will herald the rest of the money being found, the movie being made and Craig Charles winning an oscar.

  19. G&T Admin

    > Craig Charles winning an oscar

    He’s more likely to get a Charlie.

  20. Captain Darling and Rob Grant… we don’t need anyone else really.

  21. Forgive me if this is a stupid question: but does this mean Rob Grant AND Doug Naylor will be at Dimension Jump? Or has there been no mention of a Doug appearance?

  22. No mention yet, no.

    It would be FLABBERGASTINGLY AMAZING if they were both there, though, but that of course goes without saying.

  23. Doug hasn’t been sighted at a DJ for many a year so I doubt it’ll be any different this time round. Allthough that said I think the fanclub team still a book a room for him everytime, just on the off chance.

  24. >Well clearly the movie is going to be rewritten by Rob and Doug. This will herald the rest of the money being found, the movie being made and Chris Barrie winning an oscar.

    Fixed that for you, Karl. And that’s not just my inner fangirl talking =P .

  25. Karl is correct we do have a room for Doug every year, and he is asked every year, and he does reply. But as you would expect he’s working very hard to find funding for the Movie, and this leaves him unable to attend. But this is a new DJ and he will be asked as always….

  26. Just a thought to save money…
    Book Rob into a double…
    If Doug was to turn up, problem solved…
    OK, maybe not :-)

  27. I like the idea of a room always being held for Doug until the last minute. One year, he’ll say he can’t come, and keep saying it right up until about a day or so beforehand, and then he’ll just turn up, and it’ll be great, and the whole thing will be vindicated…

  28. I would bloody love it if they both turned up*

    *stating the somewhat obvious…

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