Used as a location in Doctor Who and Blake’s 7, amongst other shows. And guess what I’ve just found out?

“Actually the ‘Hitchhiker’ fans have been fighting a regular water pistol fight in that quarry, against the ‘Blake’s 7’ fans, in recent summers. Usually in August, I believe.”

That is just fantastic. Really, really fantastic. What a brilliant idea. Taking a cliche about your show, embracing it, and making it fun. What a fucking wonderful time they must have. That’s real, proper fandom for you.

Sometimes I think Dwarf fans these days, myself included, don’t have enough fun with the show any more, beyond DJ. Which is a shame, considering it’s, y’know, a comedy show and all. I sometimes wonder whether the spirit of Dwarf fandom is slowly going down the toilet.

Where’s our equivalent of water pistol fights in a dusty quarry?

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