Well, we’re going through one of our regulation quiet periods here at G&T. Whilst we try and get some content together (with apologies to Charlie Brooker), I suppose we should congratulate Gillian Singleton, who won the £5000 grand prize for Geek Chase. Well done. I only hate you a tiny bit.

TOS has also published a walkthrough, for those of us who are truly stupid people. Sigh. I suppose I’ll just have to content myself with entering the Deal or No Deal draw FOR THE REST OF MY NATURAL LIFE.

All going well, we’ll be recording a Dwarfcast on Geek Chase next weekend. This is because chatting incoherently for half an hour is far easier than writing a proper review. Sorry about that.

4 comments on “Erm… Geek Caught?

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  • I don’t think she’s a regular at G&T, Cappsy.

    Also, how would you…um…enforce that demand? I ask merely out of curiosity.

  • I really should have scrapped together enough cash to buy ‘into’ Geek Chase, as it were – I enjoyed it a lot playing earlier.

    Mind you, I really think a fourth password should have been included as “incorrect” with no hints other than the “Access denied – please try again
    (password 4: incorrect)”…

  • was playing beat the geek last night and one of the questions was; which character is Billy Boyle in Better that Life? Isn’t it Doyle?

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