I’m a big fat busy boy at the moment, so don’t expect a huge amount from me on here over the next month or so. I’ve already had to do this, which frankly hurt like hell.

Still, I thought I’d point you towards this – Adam Morris’ website. You can smirk at the commercials if you wish, but he’s also writing a very interesting biography – a lot of which is worth a read, because it’s surprisingly honest. The stuff about Maid Marian is worth a look, obviously (he thinks the acting was flabby in the second series…), but the stuff about Backup is a fascinating look into the realities of mediocre TV drama production.

Oh, and a cream bun to the first person to guess which Marian song I’m badly referencing in the headline. Although I would suggest that accepting cream buns from me is probably inadvisable. HA HA, SPUNK.

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  • Oh, and a cream bun to the first person to guess which Marian song I?m badly referencing in the headline.

    The White Knight?

  • I don’t know if you ultimately want congratulations or commiseration, John? ;) It’s excellent news that your decision to freelance is paying off!

    >why has everything gone all italic?

    I suspect a tag wasn’t closed in the article above. The rest of the site’s ok.

  • Yeah, I’ve just fixed the problem hopefully.

    Stupid bloody Camino correcting my bad HTML so I can’t see it…

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