Now, I knew about the various shows the Spitting Image team did for America. But it’s still a shock to actually see one – and with Grant & Naylor (along with Hislop & Newman) as writers… and Chris Barrie doing voices!

So, here is, courtesy of YouTube – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of The Ronnie and Nancy Show.

This was the second of three shows the team did for America, as Lewisohn says:

“…attempts to launch Spitting Image in the USA proved a little more frustrating, despite the assistance of David Frost as host/co-executive producer, and after three NBC programmes – also seen on British TV – the exercise was abandoned. The first, Down And Out In The White House (screened in the USA in two parts, on 30 August and 6 September 1986), portrayed Ronald Reagan as a brainless incompetent and Sylvester Stallone seeking election as the next US president. The second, The Ronnie And Nancy Show (4 January 1987), showed Nancy Reagan throwing a surprise party for her and her senile husband’s 210th anniversary. The third, The Spitting Image 1987 Movie Awards (26 March 1987), took an irreverent look at Hollywood celebrities, with Leonard Nimoy scheming his way to an Oscar. But while Spitting Image failed to take off Stateside, it did inspire the making of a similar show there, DC Follies.”

Well worth watching, anyway. The excellent title sequence reminds me a lot of That’s My Bush!, actually…

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  • …removed due to a copyright claim by Network DVD?

    Does this mean they’re going to put this show on one of the Spitting Image DVDs, then?

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