Right. So, fan club chairman James Bull has posted the following intriguing message on BTLi:

Who would like both writers at DJ? What would this mean to every fan attending? Can fans really make a difference to his attendance?


Now, reading between the lines, particularly the “could the fans make a difference” bit, it would seem that a person or persons unknown would like reassurance that Doug would be welcome, and indeed actively wanted, at DJ. So, for the record, and in answer to James’s questions:


So, if you lot could all clarify your opinions on the matter, you never know what could happen…

27 comments on “Who would like Doug Naylor to go to DJ?

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  • I’ll add my name to the ‘Doug Naylor Being at DJ Would be the Best Thing in the Whole World (Plus One)’ list.

  • >For fuck?s sake fly me to England.

    Indeed. Were I able to go–**ahem** =P –this would be a main attraction for me.

  • I agree with what Karl said on BTLi – no disrespect to the cast, but having the two writers there would mean more to me than any cast member you could name (although I’d be very happy if they got Tony Hawks to show up one of these days – or, for completely different reasons, Sarah Alexander, come to that). Rob Grant is already pretty much the main draw for me being there – but if Doug was there as well (hell, even if just Doug and not Rob was there), it would be phenomenal. And I could apologise to Doug for my impression of him!

  • I’ve already been so seriously considering it – I want to go so much, but I have to think in terms of practical budget issues – but if Doug came, I think that would push it over the edge for me. As it is, just knowing Rob will be there is making it really hard for me to consider *not* going; if they were both there, that would pretty much be my decision made.

    Oh, and anyone know if Craig is going to make it again this year? I only made a couple DJs a few years back, before the prodigal son’s return (wait, Rob’s the prodigal son, isn’t he? There’ve been so many of them ;) ), so that would be a brucey-bonus, and would probably seal the deal for me as well. :)

  • > Oh, and anyone know if Craig is going to make it again this year?

    Well, he said he would be… But I guess it’s hard to tell, as all manner of things could get in the way.

  • Hello-

    I am new to this site and most likely will never make it to a DJ (as I live in the US), but of course it would be great to see both writers of the series. While I am aware of the breakup of the writing partners, where can I read more details about why they split?


  • There’s plenty of places where you can read speculation, but if you want the actual truth, you may be out of luck.

  • > Though the Series VII DVD documentary is probably the best place to go.

    Well there had to be one reason to buy it.

  • yeah, definately Doug should come. I know there is worry about the cost, but surely if both Rob and Doug came then loads more of the fans would turn up and the money would be generated anyways? Either that or they could have a whip round after the disco.

  • Ouch. Thanks. I must admit, we’ve been a bit too preoccupied with other things recently to take much look at the wiki.

    I’ll get it sorted.

  • >It would be great to see Rob and Doug on the same stage at the same time.

    A reinforced stage, no doubt.

  • It would be excellent to see both Doug and Rob at this years DJ!
    *crosses… everything!*

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