So, I wake up this morning, and realise that I’ve been dreaming about Red Dwarf.

Unfortunately, it was about an new shot in Demons & Angels. A shot which involved the Highs and Lows playing tennis. On the underside of the ship. With water in the background. And it was a moving wide shot that moved back and forth between the players, from overhead. And the cast commentary was on as well. This was one of a number of new model shots I had introduced into the episode.


Reminds me of the time I dreamt up an entirely new VII…

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  • Everyone else gets the interesting and exciting Red Dwarf dreams. It’s just not fair.

    Now excuse me while I go and scream. I started a debate on Llewtube about whether anyone read in-depth reviews of Red Dwarf episodes or character examinations. My fault, really, for expecting any response other than “but everybody’s done it already, it’s all overanalyzing and rubbish, the show hasn’t been on for years so don’t bother”. YEEEEEEEAAAARRRRRGHBLBLBLBLE.

  • Jesus Christ. That’s just utter, utter bollocks. There’s still shitloads to talk about. Do you know how many articles I’ve got listed here that I haven’t had the chance to do?

    Also: there’s hardly any episode reviews of the show on the web at all. I must sort out that reviews database…

  • See, this is why Llewtube needs more G&T regulars visiting. I suppose I shouldn’t be so touchy about it, but the language some of it was couched in made me feel like something I like to do–really dig into a given Red Dwarf episode and discuss the hell out of it–kind of got shat on for reasons which I don’t think are particularly good.

  • You’ve tapped into one of my perrenial annoyances about Dwarf fandom these days – which is, a lot of the time, people don’t feel like talking about the very programme they’re supposed to be fans of.

    I can partly see why – there’s been no new programmes since 1999. But we *have* had a string of excellent DVDs, which has shed new light onto the programme, with more to come. There’s still new merchandise being released. And like I say, there’s *shitloads* about the actual programme itself that hasn’t been talked about – to say nothing of Dwarf-related shows such as Brittas, which haven’t been looked at properly at all by anyone. And apart from yours, Arlene, where *are* the in-depth Dwarf ep reviews on the net? The answer is: nowhere.

    G&T isn’t perfect mind – we should be doing more actual articles ourselves. (Three articles last month, two of them Dwarfcasts? Pathetic.) Short news pieces and silly blog posts are all very well – but there’s *so* much stuff I’ve got on the back-burner that would get people talking more about the show again, hopefully.

    Actually, I’ll tell you what – I’ll try and get the episode reviews database set up by the end of the day.

  • >And apart from yours, Arlene, where *are* the in-depth Dwarf ep reviews on the net? The answer is: nowhere.

    What of the Starbug Diaries? I oughta check in there more often, I guess…

  • >He stopped after Future Echoes, I believe. A shame, as they were really good.

    Quoted ‘cos I concur. I’ve been reading and liking his Dimension Jump coverage.

  • Arlene started a thread on you Llewtube specifically asking for peoples oppinions on episode reviews and wether they were worth doing, once one was posted she diddnt agree with (by myself) she comes on here to have a whinge about it on a toally unrelated topic.

  • *Shame Mode*

    Yes. I’ve been very shit. After not updating for a couple of weeks, I decided to stop till xmas with the intention of re-watching the whole of Series I over the festive period and doing the one ep a week idea. Only somehow I managed to pick-up the Series IV DVD instead of Series I. How on earth I managed this when the DVD covers are completly different colours is beyond me.

    Anyhow since then I’ve no excuse.

  • Mick- while I have reservations about your argument, I was wondering what this had to do with John’s dream…

  • Now, everyone, stop arguing and come over here and have sex with me immediately. Everyone.

  • >I was wondering what this had to do with John?s dream?

    “On topic” around here pretty much just means “in English.”

  • >Now, everyone, stop arguing and come over here and have sex with me immediately. Everyone.

    I’m still knackered and sore from the last time.

  • I had a RD dream last night……I went to the cinema and unexpectedly saw a trailer for RD: The Movie when I didn’t even know they’d started to film it….Waking up was disappointing this morning.


    John, this is a COMPLETE STAB IN THE DARK, but you haven’t been listening to the Paul McGann Doctor Who audio ‘Scherzo’ recently, have you?

    BTW, Doctor Who New Series 3 begins March 31st. Plug Over.

  • Newbie here, hi. I’ve recently become an RD fan, and have been watching nothing but for about the last couple months. This has led to dreams galore, where I’m usually an invisible observer.

    In the latest one (VIII-inspired I’m sure), Lister and Chloe-Kochanski were exploring an underwater wreck, when water burst into the dry room they were in, killing Kochanski. I woke up sad.

  • Today, I woke up and realised that I’d dreamt there was a Red Dwarf / Powerpuff Girls crossover film happening.

    Just imagine what that would have been like…

  • I don’t know if I’ve ever had any Red Dwarf specific dreams, but I do remember one that had no connection except at the end of the dream Kryten appeared, and I watched him dance himself away into the distance to the repeating opening riff of Trey Anastasio’s “Curlew’s Call.” I’m not kidding when I say that every time I hear that song now I picture Kryten dancing away from me.

    I do remember dreaming I was in an episode of MASH though. It happened to be the one where Henry Blake got blown up in a helicopter on his way home from the war. I was in it, but I also had a memory of having seen it before…I woke up before it happened, and I had tears on my face. I think I was so terrified of having to experience that event first-hand that my mind woke me up. And I’m not embarrassed about it either, so fuck you.

  • I’ve had a RD dream once that saw me be the ‘other’ dwarfer. I was just an extra character. It was very strange. I remember waking up seriously pissed off that it was all a dream.

  • I dreamt the other day that the commentaries on the Bodysnatcher Collection were no longer just audio – and turned into some kind of weird chatshow, helf in a fairly large commentary booth.

    I mean, Jesus.

  • I dreamt this afternoon (yes, I’m a lazy bastard, shut up) that a lot of the extra featurs (bar the doccos) for Bodysnatcher turned up on the BBFC site. I then sat and talked with my friends about them, and then did a G&T article.

    Clearly, my imagination has just gone into overdrive.

  • I once fell asleep during I think “Frontier in Space” and had a really weird Doctor Who dream. It wasn’t a bad dream, but I hesitate to call it wholeheartedly good. But it was trippy, I can remember that.

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