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  • From the news story: “Ringwood Leisure Centre, Hampshire ? the original location for the BBC?s toe-curling 1990s comedy The Brittas Empire.”

    Original location? Was there more than one location for the establishing shots?

  • Is the church in the pics the one they used for Brittas, was it for the series 5 Christmas episode? I don’t know why I want to know that… If you actually went to that leisure centre how could you NOT think that Brittas was going to be there solving (trying to solve) problems and with the familiar nasal tones ‘I’ll be right with you my darling!’

  • Hello,

    I used to go to Ringwood Comprehensive, when brittas was filming, could be quite annoying for them and us as some of our sports used to be done in the leisure center, so sometimes we had do something else whilst a scene was filmed.

    I’ve got loads of memory’s of the filming, not least of all there was a scene where Gordon was up on a lift (similar to whats used to get to overhead power poles) with a megaphone shouting something down at the crowd in front of the leisure centre, unfortunately the bell went for end of class and everyone headed out as they were shooting, causing them to redo some of it as no-one would stay quiet.

    Also the lady who kept a baby under the counter (Linda I think – I’m sure you know who I mean) was a bit of a cow the moment she wasn’t looking into camera. Everyone else was quite friendly.

    However a friend of mine was down there almost everyday learning what they were doing and getting Chris to sign all his red dwarf videos! I’m surprised that didn’t piss him off too much, as he was down there every time he had a spare minute.

    Ringwood hasn’t changed too much, although the Leisure centre now I think is a bit of a dump.



  • Plus, whoever decided staying in the white hart was a good idea when taking a trip to Ringwood was clearly deranged, there are much better places to stay, I’m surprised he wasn’t killed in his sleep by the deranged loonies who would frequent the place at night, now the Inn on the Furlong, is a much better pub, or Finn’s.

    One other fact for you trivia fans, I used to work in the Milletts in Ringwood (before it became Millets – yes two T’s made a difference!) and one year we sold a load of waterproofs to the producers for a Christmas special.

    I also got to server Terry Nutkins, not sure if he was in Brittas though! :-)

  • Excellent stuff, John! I’m hugely envious of you having Brittas on your doorstep, though. I’m pleased to hear that Chris was an approachable chap to obsessives even back then.

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