On the 2nd August we lost our friend Seb Patrick. Please allow us a period of radio silence as we come to terms with what's happened. Goodbye, Seb, we'll miss you.

We're raising funds in his memory to help his family in any way we can. If you're able to spare anything, it would be greatly appreciated.

Look at this eBay listing.


Very scarce 2005 limited issue of Howard Goodall’s scores to seasons 5 and 6 of the cult-classic sci-fi comedy, Red Dwarf. CD includes the cool western themes from Gunmen Of the Apocalypse.

PLEASE NOTE: This CD is of a type that eBay frowns upon, but I believe it to be otherwise legitimate. Please e-mail me with any questions.

Erm, yeah. And by “of a type that eBay frowns upon”, you mean “pirated”. And by “otherwise legitimate”, you mean “not legitimate in the slightest”.

It’s bad enough people profiting from other people’s work in the first place. But to couch it in mealy-mouthed LIES takes the fucking piss.

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