Presuming you’ve not had enough of our stupid voices through our own DwarfCasts, you might be interested to know that we were recently interviewed for student radio station, Birst. And here is the finished product, for your listening pleasure.

Many thanks to the lovely Mags Reinig who thought us suitable canditates for this 15 minute Web Cast, and who put up with quite an astonishing amount of self satisfied waffling from Ian, Seb, Danny and myself during the interview.

It was fun gathering together and sharing experiences of Dwarf and how we all came together through this site, though, even if it was faintly disturbing to be bearing your soul on how much a show and online community means to you to an impartial observer.

Anyway, I think it’s come out really well, so I hope you enjoy it. While you’re there, I advise you check out some of the other stuff Mags and the station have produced, because it’s very good indeed.

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  • Very honest, funny and touching. Cappsy, what a bizarrely similar childhood! I was obsessed with Dwarf, Quantum Leap and Crystal Maze, too. And also did my own (lovingly crafted) video covers.

  • I used to make my own book covers. For books that I’d “written.” I remember making one out of cardboard. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was supposed to be one of those all-too-common “action movie in book form” sort of novels. I even had quotes from Jack Higgins (!) and Tom Clancy (!!) on the cover, proclaiming me to be the greatest author ever. Despite the fact that I’d never read anything by either of them, then or now.

    Anyway, that radio interview was surprisingly good. Aside from the bit where you DIDN’T MENTION MY NAME, which took up the entire broadcast.

    You cunts.

  • We did mention you, Austin and, indeed, everyone. I can only surmise that Mags hates the sound of you and so removed all references. Smart girl.

  • I hope you mentioned all the anonymous posters, and the reference was just edited out.

  • It was actually just me there – I changed my voice every time I started a new sentence.

  • Perhaps Northern twat accent here would like to go over to the fridge and open a bottle of wine for Northern twat accent and Northern twat accent.

  • Wait a minuet…if you’re a northern twat and he’s a northern twat, and he’s a nothern twat and you’re a northern twat…am I still in Yorkshire? Where the hell’s my house?

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