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Our new forum is great. Because now, I don’t even have to research my own news items any more. So thanks to Steve Harris, who has pointed out that the Red Dwarf gaming chips are now available from Collectables Mania.

There are 12 designs for the chips, with the Red Dwarf logo on one side, and a production photo or episode screengrab on the other. The series breakdown goes as follows: one from Series 1, one from Series 2, two from Red Dwarf III, one from Red Dwarf IV, two from Red Dwarf V, one from Red Dwarf VI, two from Red Dwarf VII, and two from Red Dwarf VIII. Nice to see a good range across the series, which each one represented. The episode title of the picture is on each chip as well, which is a nice touch – although I personally think there’s rather too much text generally on the chips. But then, I’m a bit of a minimalist.

Prices are £94.99 for the complete set (all 12 chips and the presentation folder), £23.99 for a starter set (three chips and the presentation folder), and £7.99 for each individual chip. Ouch. Far too expensive for me to indulge in, then – put them in the same pile as the Film Cells – but have fun if you can afford them…

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  • So, Mr Badass!, is this a good thing?

    Do you think it’s better for us to be able to post news as it happens as in this instance or notify yourselves and await a proper journalistic report?

    I kind of like having the ability to post info straight away (in this case it was done during half time of Liverpools big match last night). On the other hand, I dont want to detract from the main pages of G&T by possibly pre-announcing one of the articles.

    I only knew about this one because I received an email from collectablemania, seemingly, I registered on their site…

    I guess there’s room for both, the forum seems to have taken off very well, what d’ya think?

  • I have absolutely no problem with people posting stuff they find in the forum. It means people can talk about stuff straight away, as you say – and it would be pretty pathetic me not wanting people to post stuff because I wanted to report on it first! For things like this, I might even have been better to close down the comments thread for this article, and confine all talk about it to the forum thread – as I didn’t have much to add that you didn’t say…

  • Splendid, I just wanted to know how you felt on the subject…

    As for the chips, I’m sorely tempted.

    I’m not sure how it works but seemingly by buying the starter pack you are guaranteed the individual chips later on.
    If these were released monthly at ?7.99 for 9 months I will probably go for it, the procedures seem a bit vague at the moment.

    I view this a bit like a ‘parts’/’piece’ work release which does spread the cost. Whether the eventual set is really worth having is debatable..

  • I’d really love to have these…but man. There is no way I’d be able to pay that much for gambling chips I’d never use.

  • I’ll tell you what – the more I look at the designs, the more I dislike them. They’re far too busy. You should have just had the Dwarf logo on a plain black background on one side, and the photo on the other. That would be classy. As they are, they look – ironically – a bit cheap.

    I suppose you can’t really tell unless you see them for real, mind.

  • I have to say that my temptation is beginning to wane a tad.

    I still think they look good but doubts are setting in on their value as collectables. For the Red Dwarf completist collector, they are probably well worth having, soley as a collectors item, I have my doubts.
    Most of the ‘chip’ collecting groups seem to be soley interested in authentic casino chips as used by and unique to individual casinos (there’s 1000’s of variations).
    It is quite hard to find any collectors or groups dedicated to novelty chips that have no practical use. I cant recall seeing any at Memorabilia for instance (except the specific James Bond Casino Royale ones).
    Maybe it’s a new thing! but if that’s the case, it’s perhaps a little early to jump in with almost 100 quids worth. On the other hand, I suppose it could be good to get in at the start.
    Compared to ‘trading cards’ that seem to be standing the sands of time, I wonder if this may be a short lived fad. Recently, there seems to have been a surge in ‘poker’ interest and everywhere seems to be flogging the ‘Texas Holdem’ sets, this appears to have come out of nowhere, and it looks as though these chips have arrived on the back of this.
    I notice the CEO of Collectablesmania comes from a ‘casino chip supply’ background and talks of chips changing hands for big money. It seems to me that those changing hands are the rare casino ones (some going back a long way) and not the ones depicting Ryan Giggs or Arnold J Rimmer.
    Maybe ‘chips’ will take off, part of me hopes they will, only time will tell..

    As for cost as a collection, I’m not sure. Compared to trading cards for instance they appear quite reasonable (once you get past the base sets).
    Then again, Trading Cards provide loads of info and break down into sub sets, some suitable for all pockets…

    Best quote so far when seeing the pictures: “Wow, I havn’t seen ‘Pogs’ around for ages” !

  • we need dwarf everything…Dwarf condoms…Dwarf chocolate…Dwarf beenie babies…Dwarf TV series, oh, wait a minuet.

  • >Are there not Dwarf condoms? ISn?t there a Rimmer Survival Kit?

    That’s right. That product was meant to come with one, if I remember correctly.

  • I would say that most people around here would have plenty of ‘clearance’ even with XXS…

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