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  • Damn, I was going to wait until I could get a screengrab, and then post this ;-)

    But yeah, basically, Doctor Dwarf is essentially finished, now – nothing can match that.

  • > nothing can match that

    Unless, of course, the little Tardis model in the hanger turns out to be Who canon…

  • I just saw the episode (yeah, I’m late to the party, I know), and I couldn’t see any Dwarf references anywhere. What exactly are you lot talking about?

  • The Bliss chemical in the Dr who episode, is the same as a drug mentioned in the early chapters of the first Red Dwarf novel. That’s the reference for anyone who’s not read the books, (ever or recently).

    And yeah it’s the biggest steal / homage yet.

  • Plus what do you mean you didnt see any dwarf references?

    There was a talking cat man driving a flying machine, I cant think of many other shows with that in either!

  • >The Bliss chemical in the Dr who episode, is the same as a drug mentioned in the early chapters of the first Red Dwarf novel. That?s the reference for anyone who?s not read the books, (ever or recently).

    Okay, I see. But I wouldn’t say it’s that big – in the novel it made you think you were God, and in Doctor Who it caused, well, Bliss. The only similarity is in the name, and since there were other moods being “sold”, I certainly wouldn’t call it the biggest steal/homage yet.

    The “talking cat man” thing is much closer to Red Dwarf.

  • Unfortunately said pussy person was Ardal O’Hanlon, or rather it was Father Dougal, ‘cos Ardal O’Hanlon is ALWAYS Father Dougal no matter what he’s doing.

    “Dougal, you’re a cat!”

    “Oh, right you are Ted.”

    As an afterthought, Survival is out on DVD now. More Pussy People.

  • 1989. But Survival wasn’t the last Series to be shot, but it was meant to be the last to be shown, and in the end never was.

  • Just had a look on iMDb, and under Red Dwarf it has this little nugget of information…

    > The Self-Loathing creature from “Terrorform” was based on an unused design from “Doctor Who”…

    I’m not a Who-phile, but is it true?

  • But the Self Loathing creature’s head was based on the same mould as the Suicide Squid. The FX feature on the Series V DVD gives me the impression it was an original created for Dwarf.

    I guess it could be referring to the body section.

  • Well I’d imagine if it was Mike Tucker era/area the two are pretty much interchangable.

  • Timey Wimey, Wibbly Wobbly… orange swirly thing in space.

    You know there was a time when the doctor used to spit out technobable
    and mean it, but he’s having more and more cat like moments of exposition
    these days.

  • > Timey Wimey, Wibbly Wobbly

    “All writteny witteny by me wee i’m afraidy waidy…..”

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