Commentaries on The End: The Original Assembly, Bodysnatcher, and the script extracts. By Rob Grant. And Doug Naylor.

I’ll say it again: Osdijsiosajisiodjwdh.

A few thoughts, then:

  • These commentaries were recorded on May 16th at Trident Studios” – and yet again, I’m left to ponder why knowing the date and location of the recordings interests me so much. I think it’s because I’m a huge twat.
  • “As you may know, it was the availability of a seventh episode filming slot that allowed The End to be so heavily remade.” I didn’t actually know this, and I thought I knew a fair amount about Red Dwarf‘s production history. (I always assumed that the reshoots for The End were fitted in during the remaining five main audience studio days.) Looking at Time Hole, there’s no obvious date where they could have fitted in the extra studio day – it’s one episode a week for six weeks. Was an extra studio day slotted in at some point during those six weeks, or was it done after? And was that extra studio day always planned, or did they fit it in when they realised how much of The End needed reshooting?
  • Andrew looks like a geek. But he looks OK in 1993 though!!!!!!!1111111111111111
  • “The boys went off for a curry” – those seven words make me feel so happy.
  • The news of the two versions of Bodysnatcher is just… stunning. Not content with making sure that actual episodes are the broadcast versions, they’re now making sure that UNMADE EPISODES ARE AS CLOSE TO THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT AS POSSIBLE. With a lot of DVDs for older shows, you’re lucky if they manage to stick the episodes on there without them being hacked to pieces…
  • The obvious question to ask is – why isn’t Rob Grant featured on any of the episode commentaries? It’s pure guesswork, but I reckon that he probably didn’t want to get involved. Both Doug and Ed worked on the Remastered project – but Rob was long gone by then, and I suspect he probably didn’t want to do a commentary on episodes that were altered without his input.

I’ll say it again: I’m not sure a lot of Dwarf fans realise quite how lucky they are. This is happening now. Enjoy it while you can. We might get a Movie, we might get a TV series, we might get something completely different – or this might be the last Dwarf release ever. Who knows? But certain people on certain forums seem to think that the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS in the world of Dwarf is a new series, or the Movie. And that’s just bullshit. As much as anything else – they’re missing out on all the enjoyment stuff like this brings. Because these are just going to be some of the best commentaries ever, and this is going to be one of the best DVD releases ever. If all certain people can do is sit there and moan and bitch and worry and whine, when stuff like this is being produced…. I just feel sorry for them, really. I don’t understand how you can ignore stuff like this.

But all this also makes me happy for another reason. Who knows what happened all those years ago, between Rob and Doug? We may never know the full story – and nor do we have any right to. The VII docco is probably as close as we’re going to get. But… well, it matters to me, in some stupid way, that I now know that two people I’ve never met – but who have given me so much joy – are talking to each other. It makes me utterly, gloriously, happy.

And if that’s pathetic, then I’m quite happy to revel in my patheticness, thanks.

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  • God, this feels like the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a DVD release in my life.

    Just… gotta… hold on…

  • >Osdijsiosajisiodjwdh.

    I second that emotion.

    Let’s face it here…GNP has done the impossible: they made the remastereds the most desirable set of all.

  • Well, this is it. The pinnacle of DVD perfection. I am now convinced that we could ask Andrew to package in a free copy of the movie and he would find a way.

    OK, perhaps not, but still Rob and Doug commentating on a lost episode one script: could there really be anything better?

    Mr. Ellard, I salute you!!

  • >Mr. Ellard, I salute you!!


  • I salute everyone involved, if this were the most expensive DVD on the planet I would still view it as value for money. As a fan, to see Rob and Doug together is a great sight and I’m delighted even if it is only a brief get together. I have to say though, I’m still intrigued as to how and why Rob has come back into the fold at this late stage. I now find it almost impossible to see anything happening beyond this release in DVD terms, surely this cant be topped. I have to ask, is this the end of the road? It’s been a great ride

  • Great news indeed.

    The one criticism that could be made of the original DVDs is that they don’t contain that much info from the makers of the show. The cast commentaries were entertaining but not that insightful and so it was just the comments from Ed and Doug in the docs that we had to make do with. They were fine obviously but commentaries from Ed, Rob and Doug will be so much better.

  • > Semi? I came buckets in my pants!

    Well, I wasted most of my pants-coming energy on my Sex Weekend Extravaganza with that Phil Reed.

  • > it matters to me, in some stupid way, that I now know that two people I?ve never met – but who have given me so much joy – are talking to each other.

    It certainly is good to know. It doesn’t really bother me that Rob and Doug haven’t worked together for years, it’s the idea that they didn’t even speak to each other that was sort of upsetting.

  • > Was an extra studio day slotted in at some point during those six weeks, or was it done after?

    An episode slot isn’t just a day, it’s rehearsal time, camera blocking, full dress…

    From what we’re able to glean – and it’s all BBC Manchester, so GNP have no correlating paperwork – there was a seventh week. Allocated, booked, and expecting a seventh ep to be made.

    Paul Jackson sums up just HOW one gets away with delivering only six episodes very neatly in the docco.

  • I suppose I just assumed that it would be something similar to the pickups on the last day of shooting of Series V. But I should have known – of course, you can’t do it like that if you’ve got an audience in…

    And: bloody hell. And it’s only taken nearly 20 years for this juicy information to come out!

  • > And it?s only taken nearly 20 years for this juicy information to come out!

    News travels fast.

  • There’s more juice in this thread, than an explosion in a sperm bank!

    Anyway who’s the geek behind Rob and Doub in the second picture? You lucky, lucky man! ;)

  • > Anyway who?s the geek behind Rob and Doub in the second picture? You lucky, lucky man! ;)

    I was 17, I was young, I didn’t know what I was doing…

  • The difference with Rob and Doug between the first and second pics makes me relaise how fucking long ago 1993 was. I was 11-years-old then and first started watching Dwarf and to think that only VII and VIII followed from then, it just screws with your mind. The last proper Dwarf that was made was Chris Barrie kneeing Ed Bye in the balls (not that he doesn’t deserve it after directing shit like Home Again and the Ronni Ancoinna abomonbation sketch show but it still shouldn;t be the last Dwarf, we need a Time Lord, no I mean we need a new series, we need Rob and Doug to pen IX and X then we can go out with smiles on our faces like the Gnarls Barkely track Smiley Faces

    How can Ed have gone from FilthRichandCatflap and Bottom to wank like Celeb and Home Agai? Did anyone actually watch either of those at all? I watched some of Celeb because I was (that’s WAS) a Harry Enfield fan and waited for him to come back to the BBC but look what shite he was in, total fucking anal torture (don’t get me started on Ruddy Hell It’s The Shittest Sketch Show Until The Next One With Ronni aNcona Which Is Definitely Shitter) actually I liked the Steve Jobs/Bill Gates sketches even though they shouldn’t be funny on any pssible level with ‘hard drive’ and USB dongled gags and stuff.

  • I hadn’t realised that Ed Bye directed Ronni Ancona’s new show. I’ve watched chunks of it and, to me at least, it’s very very poor. How much of that can be put down to Ed I don’t know but his career really has nosedived astonishingly in recent years.

  • Good, that means he can get his arse over to Peterborough for DJ then can’t he?

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