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  • That was the most difficult-to-read article yet.

    “Mike Konik of Recon 7 Down and PBS Benedict Arnold, Chris Becker of AMC Into Character and Recon 7 Down and Black Pearl. Peter Ward of 2 Epic and Call me a cop.”

    See what I use there, they’re called Inverted Commas. ”””””””

    Just thought i’d post them to make up for the lack of them in that article.

  • Norman Lovett is one of the world’s most beloved comedians? You certainly couldn’t accuse them of underselling this.

  • I bet this is the Red Dwarf movie being made under the fake title of another film to keep fans away from the set ya wanna bet.

  • Your right about it being red dwarf movie, they are shooting the movie in the same place they shot the cowboy episode. (the one with the virtual reality glasses)
    I’ve heard that magazines have been invited along and the sun news paper but have been told to keep it hush hush.
    I know because my brother works for one of the magazines.
    The reason they have allowed Norman to be noticed is because he let it slip.

  • I’m Rob Grant’s daughter, and I can confirm that he has a cameo as the Homosapienoid Queen.

  • Folks I can tell you without any Question this is NOT and I Know without any Question, Not A Red Dwarf Film. But a film called Roswell 1847. Yes it is the same town (film Set) Come on folks it’s being made by superteam productions and Myself. Film companys really do google their projects once in a while.(and see what pops up)

    William Cheney

  • No… the person who cleans my house moonlights as a Hollywood scout, and she knows someone who is doing camera work on the movie- and apparently there is a set being built right now that is red!!

  • Cheney,
    I don’t think any of the people with half a brain around here ever did think it was a Red Dwarf movie.

    EDIT: Wey-hey people, would you look at that. Google Roswell 1847 and this is the first page.

  • Awwwww…..William Cheney hasn’t posted any more……I thought I had a new best friend. :(

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