As mentioned on the WebboardBid for Dwarf cast hand drawings! Craig, Chris, Danny, Norm, Robert, and Hattie have taken part. Proceeds go to the National Autistic Society, and bidding closes Friday 15th June.

All very nice and all that, and I hope it goes well – but it would be remiss of me if I didn’t point out that THAT IS THE WORST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD, being practically unreadable at points, and a lot of people will probably click away before even considering a bid. What a shame.

6 comments on “What the hell? It’s for a good cause

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  • > it would be remiss of me

    Exactly how long have you been waiting to use that word?

  • I just got to use “obfuscate” in a text message to a girl I’m trying to sleep with.

    So, essentially, I’m out of the running…but my interior vocabulary coach has a hard-on.

  • Ah, “remiss” isn’t such a big ten-dollar word. Now if it was something like “contrafibularities” I’d think it might be a tad shoehorned, but “remiss” isn’t such a big deal.

  • James, all you need to get now is the DNA suite, and then you clone them all!!


    “A man made out of fingerprints, that’s never gonna work!!”

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