Ever first with the breaking news, I’ve just found out from a post by Robert on his forums back in February that M.I. High has been recommissioned – and not only is Danny back, but they want Robert’s Prime Minister character to reappear as well.

I didn’t see any of the first series when it was on, so I can’t really comment on it. Unfortunately, BBC FOUR’s surprisingly good Children’s TV on Trial series showed a couple of clips that made it look fucking awful. I can only hope they picked the wrong bits…

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  • Possibly the best contemporary kids show on TV, but that’s not saying much nowadays.
    Well worth a watch though :)

  • I just want the main girl in it to get older. She’s gonna be one foxy filly. God that makes me sound a bit sick…I assure you I’m not (well not in THAT way at least). She’s probably older in real life than she’s meant to be in the show anyway. Whatever, she’ll definitely be a big star in the future.

    I saw the one with Robert in it and it just makes you want to see more Dwarf cast together in things, preferrably new Dwarf but perhaps something ELSE that the cast & Ed ‘I direct crap like Ronni Ancona sketch shows’ Bye may or may not be working on…

  • > She?s not jailbait she?s seventeen.

    I feel a whole lot better. I’m not one of those dodgy blokes that runs the waltzers.

  • Well I’m probably one of the youngest here (18 next week) and I don’t watch it so I’m worried as to why you guys have seen it.

  • The best kids show on at the moment that I’ve seen is actually Totally Doctor Who. Really brilliantly produced (the title sequence gives the feeling that you’re stepping into an annual), well presented (especially from Kirsten), and it’s just a really entertaining show. Well worth catching.

  • I hope the animated adventure on TDW is put together as one episode on the series 3 DVD, as cheesy as the thing is.

    > and I don?t watch it so I?m worried as to why you guys have seen it.

    I only went out of my way to watch one episode (I think it was the first) because Robert Llewellyn was in it with Danny. I WILL be watching every episode of the Sarah Jane series, I don’t care if it’s a CBBC series, it’s got the fucking Slitheen in it for fuck’s sake, therefore I’m there.

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