Craig Charles doing a corporate video. Doesn’t sound the most fascinating thing in the world, does it? Except:

“I’m doing a corporate video for Nintendo,” he explains. “When the kids get their Nintendo console for Christmas there’ll be a video with it which tells them all the news and views and stuff about the games, and I’m hosting that.” The video certainly seems to have a Red Dwarf type flavour. “Well, you put me into a spaceship and everyone’s going to assume Red Dwarf, but we’re not using the set for an advert. There’s a big Nintendo launch party, for a new range, and I’m one of the people watching the party, from the Red Dwarf set.

“I find it really strange, doing a corporate video in the BBC, but we got Mel (Bibby) in to do the set, and John Pomphrey did the lighting, and it was good fun, it was like a reunion, like coming home again.

A Dwarf-like set, with Pomph and Bibby involved? I’d love to see it. But how the fuck you’d actually get hold of a copy, I don’t know…

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  • FUCKING HELL! That must be the one! Thanks.

    I feel a right idiot now, of course. I didn’t even think of searching on YouTube – I thought there wouldn’t be a chance in hell of something internal at Nintendo showing up on there. I guess the moral there is: never underestimate YouTube.

    Still, it’s interesting that we know that Bibby and Pomph were involved, and they shot it at BBC Manchester.

    Well, best get watching, then…

  • Internal? Umm… Hoare. FROM THE BIT YOU QUOTED

    ?When the kids get their Nintendo console for Christmas there?ll be a video with it which tells them all the news and views and stuff about the games, and I?m hosting that.?

    Many, many copies went out there, shirley?

  • Hmmm. Erm, yeah. I missed that bit. The “corporate” and “not an advert” just screamed internal video at me, and I completely missed that sentence.

    Can I start again on this article, please?

  • ‘Bravoski Marioski!’

    You know those moments when you just want to slap Craig? This is one of them!

  • This was one of those last ditch attempts by Nintendo to shift more games after the release of the Super Nintendo and Mario Allstars Bundle which I think was the last SNES console bundle released before it was discontinued.

    The marketing actually worked though and even after the release of the Playstation the SNES and games were still selling very well indeed.

    Sega followed their lead by bundling a similar VHS cassette with the first issue of the official Sega Saturn Magazine advertising upcoming Saturn console and its launch releases, again this marketing stategy worked very well and Initially the Saturn outsold the Playstation everywhere.

    /end games nerd rant

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