Testing, Testing, One One One, Me Me Me

Yeah. So. G&T’s been down since Sunday. Sorry about that. Basically: I get free webspace from a friend of mine, and his server has gone down – for reasons which I don’t actually know yet, as he hasn’t got net access at the moment. So, until it gets fixed – which I hope will be this week, but I don’t know for sure – here’s a temporary G&T blog, which we’ll post the usual drivel on.

For those of you wondering why I don’t restore the site from a backup – my latest on-site backup is from May 20th, and whilst there’s a backup from far more recently than that, it’s off-site, and not easily accessible at the moment. Also, there’s problems with syncing the database up again once the other server comes back online if I use a backup. Far easier just to use a temporary blog for the time being, and then import all the entries into the main site once we’re back up and running again.

So. Updates. Best get round to them then…


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  1. I preferred the 4th template you chose.

  2. I did wonder why the site was down.
    I found your test blogs?.mainly because I?m sad and kept pressing refresh.

  3. Of course, the unspoken downside to all this is that nobody can see my handsome avatar?

  4. Useless barstuards ;)

  5. You scared me for a moment there. At first glance I thought you?d redesigned again to this really not-very-good format.

  6. Fuck.

    Because unless it says it somewhere, it?s not G&T.

  7. G&T Admin

    FWIW – it looks like a specific hardware problem with the actual server. They?ve tried remotely power-cycling it, but that?s not fixed it, so they need to get an engineer on-site to have a look at it.

    More when I have it…

  8. G&T Admin

    Incidentally, I?ve got a nicer template for this site in mind, which I?ll implement tonight. For all I know, we might be fixed by the weekend – but we might not, so I might as well get the site looking a bit nicer.

  9. I know you can?t help it but yucky. I thought this was some radical minimalistic re-design.

  10. G&T Admin

    Right. Bit of a nicer theme here now. Good old reliable Hemingway. Not sure it?s perfect – only two post excerpts at the top isn?t really ideal for G&T – but it?ll do for now.

    I?ll add a proper latest comments list at some point – but first priority at the moment is to get this damn place updated.

  11. I?m not sure the grey text on a black background is ideal for easy reading. Otherwise, good.

  12. G&T Admin

    Yeah, agreed. I?ve made it brighter.

    I don?t want to spend ages fiddling around with the layout of this place – especially as I?m hopeful the old site will be back online by the weekend, and I?d be very surprised if it wasn?t back by the end of next week – but any serious issues anyone has, let me know.

  13. Just popped in to show I?m not ignoring anything..looks better that the last jobbie?I hope things are back to normal soon, though ?normal? may not be the best choice of words :-)

  14. G&T Admin

    Oh, I meant to say – thanks for the kind words, everyone. It means a lot. Seriously.

    When we go back online, I?m going to add nightly backups to my personal computer too, so we don?t have this kind of situation again.

    Anyway, only thing left to add now is a recent comments list. I?ll do that tomorrow night.

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