Ganymede & Titan’s download section has just got a whole ‘1’ better, with the addition of our Continuity & Trailers library! Bathe in the foul smelling geekery, my friends. Bathe.

As you will most definitely know by now, Red Dwarf has, in one way or another, graced our screens for almost 20 years. From the original runs and repeats on BBC Two, to hacked up travesties on UKTVG, it’s always been there. With that in mind, this new library serves the dual purpose of:

  • Collecting the continuity announcements (and, if possible, entire junctions) from the various showings of each of the episodes, and thus charting the changes the channel has been through and the ways it’s presented the show.
  • Collecting trailers of the show for pretty much the same reason.

If there was one section of this site that pretty sums up the collective state of mind of G&T, then I think this just about covers it. TV pres’ and Red Dwarf: better than sex. I imagine.

Anyway, as you will no doubt observe, our collection is very limited at the moment with only eight continuity clips all from fairly recently and an even more recent trailer from UKTVG2 (which John posted a while back.) It’s definitely a start and we already have a few more places to start digging ourselves, but obviously if you have any old off-airs that will contain continuity and trailer we crave, then that would be lovely. Contact Us if you believe you can help us.

Coming up next on Ganymede & Titan we’ve got Two Pints of Fucks and a Packet of Cunts followed by a repeat of White Hole: Remastered. Stay tuned!

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  • Was that the only week that HIGNFY was a ‘Best Of’ compilation, then? It’s just that HIGNFY you followed Dwarf every week during that run…

  • Hmm, good point. After HIGNFY Series 12 finished on 29 Nov 96, they repeated 1996 on 6/12 (after Emohawk: Polymorth 2) and on 13/12 (after Rimmerworld) whereas the 20/12 one was a compilation episode. So, it’s one of those three, really.

    In other news, I have some various continuity on various tapes here. I have the junction leading out of a repeat of Better Than Life leading into a repeat of The Young Ones ‘Cash’ on 5th Sept 1989, and idents from almost every episode of the 1994 repeat run from Series 1-3. By then, I got used to having REC+PAUSE on at the same time and precisely timing my recordings. And yeah, I taped them all off BBC2 instead of buying the videos, arrest me now.

    I’ll see if I can get these onto the PC soon (not that soon, mind) and upload them. Watch this space for updates.

  • I have loads of continuity for you. When I can actually get the bloody stuff out of a shed in the scottish highlands and swapped over to Digital is another matter entirely.

  • > *is shocked you don?t have the Red Dwarf Night continuity. SHOCKED I say?.*

    Amazingly, I don’t think any of us have the whole night on VHS. My friend Gavin did, but he seems to have lost it.

    jayj, you are a true gent! From what you said (presuming there was only one compilation episode of HIGNFY shown after Dwarf and taking into account that they mention a ‘best of’ on the clip) it seems likely Out of Time is the one, then.

  • I have the entire Red Dwarf Night on VHS (along with the previous night’s The End: Remastered. I meant to capture the continuity ages ago, and then… didn’t. So don’t worry, I’ll do it.

  • >Amazingly, I don?t think any of us have the whole night on VHS.

    I do! I might be able to whack it onto DVD next time I’m back in Liverpool. I’d have mentioned it sooner, only… hasn’t it all been collected on DVD now? Or is it just the skutter things?

  • You see, the problem with the RDN idents is that they’ve been released on the DVDs. I know the actual continuity announcements weren’t there, but still…

  • > You see, the problem with the RDN idents is that they?ve been released on the DVDs. I know the actual continuity announcements weren?t there, but still?

    Doesn’t make the broadcast versions any more (or less) subject to copyright than before.

  • Gentlemen, allow me to clairify my position. Morally speaking, capturing the Red Dwarf Night idents as broacast, and making them available for download, without GNP’s permission, morally speaking – I’m speaking morally, here – I’m all in favour.

  • The download section has become much more abundant, very cool guys. I especially enjoyed the UKG2 trailer, I had not seen that previously, works perfectly. The wallpapers are great too.

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