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  • I found it funny the first time I saw it, years ago, as part of your garden-variety “send this 2 all of ur frends its soo funny!!1!!!1!” email. The next couple of dozen times, after it had been posted on all sorts of blogs and boards and sometimes misattributed to John Cleese–not so much.

  • That actually pre-dates the internet, and there are hudreds of variations and replies to it.

  • Yeah, this does pop up way too much. I last read it on a forum a year ago and it was overly familiar then. And then we had to talk about political correctness and some Americans would be angry and other Americans would tell them to get a sense of humour and a week passed and the whole thing was very tiresome.

  • By the way, what was it that made this item merit inclusion as news here? ‘Cos i only saw one brief, offhand reference to Red Dwarf when I looked at the version of this thing to which you linked. Is there something I missed, or is this just something you’re passionate about?

  • I think it was because it’s constantly coming up through John’s Red Dwarf related Google feeds.

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