*Three* updates! And a strange man being overexcited about the fact he gets his first ‘Newsround’.

It’s all go over at TOS Towers, with three new updates today. Since only one of them could sustain a proper item, we’ll collect them all together, old-skool stylee. So, in no particular order:

Hattie Hay-Fringe (Hayridge): The eternally lovely Hattie will be appearing at the the Underbelly for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it to Edinburgh again this year, due to being incredibly skint, but here’s hoping for at least a part performance at this year’s Dimension Jump. In the meantime, here’s the blurb from the Underbelly’s site:

Hattie launches her new stand-up show for the full run at this year’s Festival. More upbeat than her usual downbeat, more sharp than shy, more fast and furious, more here than last year, less vague-ish.

YouTube: Grant Naylor Productions and BBC Worldwide have taken the correct course of action to discourage copyright infringement on YouTube, by actually supplying their own clips for legal use on the site. The BBC Worldwide channel has a load of BBC shows in there, so it’s good for a hefty browse. Nice use of the Grant Naylor Productions logo at the not seen since 1991 at the end of the clips, too. Presumably, this could well mean BBC Worldwide being much stricter on unauthorised clips, but that remains to be seen.

EDIT NEWS: And finally, if course, a DVD update! This week, Andrew takes us through the three steps of the editing process for the DVD’s extras. It’s a really interesting look into the process and, of course, we get some yummy bits and bobs of information thrown in to satisfy our never ending needs. The inclusion of various rushes from the earlier series is one of the things I’m most looking forward to in this set, and the idea of seeing a clip Ed Bye describing the split screen effect to Chris (presumably during the filming of Me2) which is in split-screen itself sounds beyond fascinating, as does Doug and Ed’s original remastering lists. I mean, who would’ve thought this sort of stuff would EVER be available to us? Ever? There’s loads of examples like that littered through the article – lots of tiny bits of history that are going to be a joy to witness.

Andrew leaves us with some good debating material, too, with a list of questions that will be answered in the DVD documentaries but are, until then, a mystery:

As ever, dirt is dished in no small measure. Who broke their nose during filming? Who had their shirt ripped from their body when they turned up ridiculously late for filming? Who had their football confiscated and refused to do any work until they got it back? Who didn’t think the script was funny at all and only took the role in order to ride on Paul Jackson’s coattails? You’ll find out in October. (Hint: Two of them were Craig.)

Well, we know Norman is the one whose ball was nicked (he doesn’t shut up about it, after all), and Craig was the one with the ripped shirt… but the others interest me, especially the last one. Who would’ve thought anyone in the cast didn’t even like the first script? My first instinct is Norman, as he literally seems to find nothing funny, the big curmudgeon. Why not try pointlessly speculate about these questions to while away your weekend? I will be.

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  • >Who would?ve thought anyone in the cast didn?t even like the first script?

    I’m betting Chris. (Maybe good poll material…?)

  • Thanks Capps, you had to go and use a big word like “curmudgeon” and i had to go find out what it was… I thought it was some kind of fish…

  • It’s probably Norman that didn’t find the script funny. I suppose as far as his role in series 1 went it WASN’T that funny. Surely Chris won’t have complained, he has some great lines in The End. Rimmer is a brilliantly written character.

    By the way, the Newsround girl is actually quite excuse-me-french fuckable. Why did I not realise this before?

  • They always are. Whatever happened to Becky Jago or should that be Where in time is Newsround’s Becky Jago?

  • They always are. Whatever happened to Becky Jago or should that be Where in time is Newsround’s Becky Jago?

  • “By the way, the Newsround girl is actually quite excuse-me-french fuckable. Why did I not realise this before?”

    Isn’t it nice that Performingmonkey sees Cappsy in a different light now!
    I know a few who have felt like this for a while now ;-)

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