First up, Robert Bathurst appears in a radio comedy, About A Dog, written by comedy legend Graeme Garden. Tune into Radio 4 at 6.30pm tonight for the first of the second series.

Secondly, James May from Top Gear takes us through various ‘big ideas’ that were invented in the 20th Century in, er, James May’s 20th Century, which, naturally, revolve around engineering. Isn’t this Massive Engines in a slightly different guise, though? Looks entertaining enough, but Chris Barrie would have done just as well. Still, the BBC’s big names have to earn a living somehow, and James May is doing it on BBC Two at 8.00pm.

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  • The James May thing was okay, not great. Having watched Chris Barrie’s programme on airships I was able to point out that May’s explaination that the hydrogen gas was to blame was simplistic and he seemed unaware unlike Barrie that production of new safe airships had since taken place in Germany. Discovery 1 Open University 0. :)

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