Some amusing news. As we all know, Christian O’Connell is a smug, unfunny, talentless little cock-muncher. However, he recently held a phone-in on his Virgin Radio breakfast show for listeners to suggest amusing names, and his producer would change his name by deed poll to the amusingest. And in an unexpected twist, the name he’s settled upon is…

Blaize Falconburger!

This amuses me greatly. The fact that someone sent it in, and that everyone involved at Virgin would probably have had no idea whatsoever that it was a Dwarf reference. The fact that a screengrab from Timeslides has been used in a newspaper article (even if it is the Daily Sport). The fact that a throwaway funny name, probably scribbled down without a second’s thought in 1989, is now in the public conciousness again 18 years later. I’m so amused by this, that I’ve gone through the whole article without slagging off Ruby Wax!

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