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“In 1993 I had a series called I, LOVETT on BBC2 which was watched by one and a half million people.

I didn’t get another series mainly because the then controller Alan Yentob didn’t like it.

The pilot went out in 1989 and I am going to put it on youtube in the next couple of weeks because I’ve had lots of emails asking me about it.

If the response is good I intend to make the series available on DVD.

I will let you know when you can see the pilot.”

This is, of course, excellent news – and follows on from things Norm was saying at DJ last year. For more details about the series, see Lewisohn – I’ve seen the odd episode, but not the pilot, and I’d love to see the entire series.

Isn’t it weird, though, that there’s a lot of “I” in that post? Is this being done with the cooperation with the BBC, who obviously own the copyright, or not? It probably is, of course, and I’m reading far too much into it, but there seems to be something slightly strange with the wording. We’ll see, I guess.

With thanks to SingingPotato for the news.

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  • I saw the pilot and rather liked it, but I can’t remember it in any useful detail. Hope that helps.

  • I remember it being gentle and surreal comedy. With Norm surrounded by lots of things that shouldnt talk but were talking like pictures in his house and I
    think his dog spoke also. I remember the pilot being part of the Comic Asides series that also launched Morning Sarge and Tygo Road.

    At the time I thought it was fairly dull because he wasnt as funny
    as he was in Red Dwarf, and the humour was different. But it being so long
    ago if it does appear on youtube or DVD I will give it another go, knowing
    more about Norm’s personality outside of Holly the show would probably
    appeal more to me now.

  • Is there not a clip of it on “Comedy Connections” on the VIII DVD?

  • I’ve got a copy of the pilot, and it’s great! It’s very slow-paced, but then, so is Norm’s stand-up, and that’s hilarious. There’s lots of surreal bits, some of which doesn’t really work, but there’s a lot to enjoy about it.

  • >With thanks to SingingPotato for the news.

    You’re welcome :o)
    I’ve never seen any of it myself, but I would like to see it, so hopefully he’ll get the DVD release.

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