Ed Bye’s first feature film! Edited by Mark Wybourn! And on BBC ONE on Friday 13th @ 11:35pm. I’ve never actually seen it before, so I’ll definitely be tuning in to see whether it’s, erm, any good. I’m sure a lot of you will have seen it though, so do your worst below.

Incidentally, various sources give Ed as being the director for Carry On London – others, such as the official site itself, give Peter Richardson. I’ve no idea whether the film is still going ahead, mind – I’ve not heard anything for a while. The problem with the idea is that potentially you could do a great film – but it would be so, so easy to screw up…

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  • I don’t think so. Double entendres and tits and bums are perfectly acceptable. The slightly dodgier stuff isn’t vital – of which there wasn’t an awful amount of anyway. (The only thing I can think of at the moment is Terry Scott as Doctor Prod in Carry on Matron – effectively a comedy rapist.)

    There are plenty of strong female characters in Carry Ons, as well…

    But my problem with Carry On London is that that style of humour is incredibly difficult to get right. It actually just goes to show how well done the original Carry Ons were – churned out on a production line they may have been, but (until near the end, anyway) the script and acting were usually fantastic. There’s so many things they could get wrong now, that I worry they just won’t be able to, erm, pull it off.

    But let’s see.

  • I hope that it won’t be Ed directing the film. People will be desperate to hammer any new Carry On film and the last thing that Ed needs is another embarrassing flop.

  • The Kevin and Perry film is OK. You’d think it would just die on its arse, and yes parts of it do, but it manages to hold together. Nothing happens in it though. It’s like a very boring Wayne’s World. What gets me is that Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke are actually believable as teenage boys. It’s insanity, if you think about it.

  • I’m generally of the opinion that Harry Enfield hasn’t been funny in about ten years (his recent show was embarrassing) but I don’t actually mind this.

  • (his recent show was embarrassing)

    Oh, God yes. Fucking awful. Such a shame, as I had really high hopes for it, especially as the trailer made me laugh.

    The best thing Enfield has done recently is clearly his appearance in Look Around You.

  • Harry hasn’t been funny since the 1994 series. Okay, I admit I DID laugh at a couple of sketches in Ruddy Hell. Namely the ‘saw you coming’ one and Steve Jobs/Bill Gates which, with jokes about floppies and ZIP drives, should be the worst sketch imagineable, but somehow it wasn’t. Maybe it’s because it’s simply Harry and Paul doing funny voices in front of a live audience.

  • I ended up viewing the last harry enfield series like a selection box
    where I hated some flavours and liked others but was never that excited
    or happy to be delivered the overall box.

    I agree with the 2 strands that Performing Monkey liked,
    I like those, and also I enjoyed the U2 sketches but hated
    most of the rest.

    So in a forum of comedy sci fi fans, with differing opinions
    of Harry old and new. Your thoughts on this?


    I’m quite looking forward to it. I thought Harrys recents efforts
    showed he was mostly lacking any funny ideas of his own these days
    but could ocassionally still perform really well. An acting part
    like this could be good, he was always talented voice wise, coming
    out of spitting image. (obviously they should have offerd it to Chris though)

    And Dirk Maggs did such a good job with Hitch hiker in my
    opinion, that these should be good shows and expand the books
    a bit and be entertaining.

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